Sunday, April 6, 2008

Just for a Moment

I was just thinking about the little things I love about fencing. Actually I was just thinking about ONE little thing that I love about fencing. I was kind of hoping that some other things would come to me. Some have, but they seem like things that most people would come up with. I will just make it a short post.

I love it when someone is fencing ( or when I am fencing for that matter) and there is attack; parry: attack; parry: attack; parry:attack; parry:attack; parry:...attack. It does not happen very often in epee.  I love the sound of the blades and the speed of it. I like it because it reminds me of stage fights in the movies or perhaps I love it because it reminds me of sword fights with sticks when I was a kid. I love the the fact that it is instinctive  , because conscious thought would not let you move that fast.

I saw Nicole do this in JO's. It happened with me and a good fencer a couple of weeks ago.

I think it must be the movies. When you do a short slow advance and an accelerating lunge...feint to the cuff and drop to hit someone in the toe....................that is cool. But if you are having a conversation with flashing steel blades and it back and fourth......back  and fourth.................just for a are Cyrano.


fencerkath said...

The clash of blades is wonderful.  I did it trying sabre once but it's better when it's epee and the sound is better.  Alas, it will be two or three weeks till I can move properly and hope for that sound, though I may be back at fencing before then.  But, as you say, it rarely happens - when it does, it's magic.

Thanks for the Cyrano trailer.

If you have the sort of mobile phone (cellphone) that can use mp3 ringtones, you might like to try this (though it's not very long):

My mobile phone isn't sufficiently sophosticated - I have the old-fashioned, reliable type that just makes and takes calls.

woodytheaxe said...

Spoken like a true closet foilest Jim.  

There is good in you...I know it...

rdautumnsage said...

I can see why you would appreciate the surrealism of a movie moment..(Hugs) Indigo

libragem007 said...

fencing at 51? interesting!
Came by here through Indigo's....I'll be back soon.
Take care,
Gem :-)