Monday, April 14, 2008

................And there was much rejoicing."

I hurt today.

This weekend was the North Carolina Divisional Qualifier Tournament. I was moving slow this morning. Except for my knee, it was not much to do with the fencing. It was more carrying the chairs and tables and equipment, needed for set up and tear down. It was crawling around helping lay down ten strips and peeling up tape.

Debera  told me that I beat myself up to much on my journal. So I am not going to do it anymore either here or in my mind. ( Okay...not much.) Often I find that I just need a woman to explain things to me and I do better. Perhaps this is the case.

When you fence in a tournament you have to go into it with the right attitude. I did a bad thing in one regard. I studied the list of fencers. There were only 15 fencers in men's epee this time. I marked Ryan and Paul off the list as me having no chance to beat them. There were a couple I thought I could take. There were a couple I did not know. There was a goodly list of " I think I could take them if I was having a good day...or they weren't."

In pools I lost two and won two. My DE ( one and only) was against one of the fencers I think I can take on a good day. Sadly, it was not Sunday. It was close up to around touch 10. It was back in forth and I lead some of the time. I made numerous mistakes and I did a few things right. One of the bigger mistakes I made was at the end he got up on me by two points. Rather than being clam and patient, I went " balls to the wall". Not the best plan for epee......and I know better.

And.................... I was done for the day.

Note: The venue had showers. I love it when that happens....and they have working hot water.

Nicole won her first DE. It was an exciting close match, so I thought she did well.

Henri won every bout in her pools ( including a C fencer from UNC) and was seeded second for DE.s Lots of people were proud of her. Many people from other clubs as well. She is a good ambassador for the sport. Of course, I was proud of her as well

Sense I have been fencing ( not that long a time) there was always someone on the board from DFC. Sense I understood what was going on ( which was not from the " get go".) I have made it a point to try and help at Divisional events. Partly, because I thought it was what good fencing adults did. You chip in and you help. This year I did it to support a friend and my friends. Now Greensboro is done.

In  the words of Monty Python, " .................And there was much rejoicing."

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