Sunday, March 16, 2008


I fenced in Wilmington this weekend.

I am up from total crap to only slightly below mediocre. That does not sound all that good, but I am taking it as a positive sign. ( More importantly, I had a revelation. I will get to that later.)

In a pool of five I won two and lost two. One loss was 5-4 and one to a "C" fencer at 5-3. I had fenced that "C" fencer before and this was a step up in results. The guy I lost to 5-4 was one of the strangest fencers I fenced lately. I mean that in the sense that he fenced well and that he had good tactics and point control, but he was very wild ( like a "newbie") and his weapon arm was tense as a board. It just seemed strange.

I did not make my goal. I was seeded 10th out of 19 fencers before DE's.

I fenced a "D" fencer in my only DE. I lead most of the bout and he rallied at the end ( 15-13...I think. The results are not out yet.) It was a good bout.

It was a full day. I worked at the beach house for a couple of hours and then walked around downtown Wilmington. It was beautiful warm day and they were having a St. Patrick's Day Festival. People in the pubs were getting an early start. There was a bag pipe band and lots of different music. Ships were on the water and  three fighter planes flew over head in formation. They were LOW! I love port towns, particularly the ones with  old buildings and charm. You often wonder if Blackbeard walked were you are walking. I could live in Wilmington. In fact, I would like to do so.

Okay...back to fencing.

The Cape Fear Fencing Club had a good tournament. It was laid back and it was friendly. That is important to me. No loudmouths questioning every refs call, unless THEY got the touch. No fencers being rude to their host. It was the way it should be.

Now to my realization. I practice tons of different drills with various techniques. In club, when I get to fence, I will practice all kinds of things. However, when I get to a tournament, I stick with my basic game. I stick with what makes me comfortable. I stick with my " French grip " though I never use them in lessons. I am afraid to take a blade for some reason in tournaments. My game will work well on a certain type of fencer, but not many.

So......Jim....What is your point? What is the realization?

The realization is not a new one, it is just a new one for fencing. The realization is that doing the same thing over and overand expecting different results is a definition of insanity. I must change my game. I have not figured out exactly all that I must do, but for starters , when I fence at club, I will no longer use my French grips. I will figure out a plan beyond this as I go forward.

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epeeallday said...

if u want me to i can help u build ur game off using a french grip. its similar to wat most french grip fencers do already but its missing b happy to help show u some ideas to try out.