Saturday, March 8, 2008

Pressing On

    It was a surprisingly good week in fencing for me. I don't mean...."WOW! This is great!!!!".....I mean " This is pretty good.". After my fiasco last weekend, pretty good is......well.....pretty good?

Editors Note:  You may ask yourself, why in the heck does he add those little dots and pauses when he is entering things in his journal. The answer is that he writing things the way he would talk, including the pauses. Which, oddly enough, is the mental conversation he is having when he is writing. I know it is not very professional, but I never ever thought anyone would ever read this other than my friend Dave. Now I can't stop myself.

Wednesday night we had a good group lesson with Coach Miller. He rewarded our small group with a more advance lesson. These are Emil Beck lessons 111 in progression.

It is very important to Coach that you have a working vocabulary in fencing. ( Rightfully so.) He is also very much into briefly explaining the history of the lesson you are about to take. I find this very interesting. I am often tempted to post on and see if I can find other people that base their lessons on " 6 Wall " and other drills.  Perhaps someday I will do this. However, I am often disappointed with the answers to post on the forum, so I will just sit on this for a while.

Thursday night I went to UNC for the first time in a month for a private lesson. This night the campus was in morning for the brutal murder of their student body president. She was a beautiful and intelligent young woman from Georgia. You could actually feel the sadness in the air that night. That is not an exaggeration.

My lesson was very good and I received a good natured threat and some praise. It is complex to verbalize, but my main focus at the moment is returning my weapon arm and shoulder to a relaxed position after a touch. I have known to do this for sometime, but have not worked on it like I should. Much the way I have known that I need a "safety" after the touch, but I don't work on that like I should.

Friday night I went to the beginner class at the "Y". Some people actually showed up for free fencing and I got in some bouting time. Tommy was there, as he was home for spring break. We fenced a couple of times and I did well. He is one of my favorite people to fence and no matter where he is, he is a part of our DFC family. I test myself against Tommy. He is one of my benchmarks. 

On the negative side, I do not feel like I my foot work was as crisp as it should be when we are fencing and my endurance was not very good either. On the positive side, I made good and constant attacks to near target ( cuff ) and they paid off. I also I found that I could on occasion get my tip just past his bell guard and hold it, which caused him to move into my tip. On the other hand, Tommy changes up pretty often and what worked this week against him will have no value two weeks from now.

It was a good night for fencing and hanging with friends. What more could a person ask for?

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