Sunday, March 2, 2008

Jim is Incredibly Crap

Jim is Incredibly Crap. Catchy

Today I fenced in a tournament and did about as bad as I have ever done. I may have come in dead last out of a field of 33. I am not sure, but it will be close.

I lost every pool and my only DE.

I have not had one of those "loooooonnnng" rides home in  some time, but I did today.

After the slaughter, I was having serious thoughts about hanging up fencing. It is still not out of the picture, but I decided not to base it on this one tournament. The one before this I had a low mediocre showing. And then there was this embarrassing one.

I have always told myself that I would quit fencing, when I felt like I cannot give a good account of myself. Today was the certainly a day were I did not.

I don't have a ready excuse. My elbow felt all right. I have not lost my job or had someone close to me die.

So.....What is the deal Jim?

A couple of things come to mind. One is I am just getting to old and fat. ( Note: I know I am not to write things like that Tink....but sometimes we need to look at things outside of Neverland.) Yeah...yeah...yeah...I know ( insert old fencers name here ) is doing great and still kicking butt and taking names. But folks, these guys are the exceptions...they are not the rules. We all age differently. So maybe I am hitting an "old spurt" ( old spurt is kind of like a growth spurt for kids...only for people with gray hair) I am carrying a lot of weight that refuses to come off. That to is age related. So maybe it is age.

Maybe it is not enough bouting time. I get good lessons but, Nicole, Henri and I , mostly fence..."Nicole, Henri and I"...and even when we do that...we have to work to find time to do it. There are not many people to fence in Greensboro any more, above the age of 12. I have not made it to UNC this month, but it is hard to find some one who will fence you. Part of that is my I am shy about asking.  Part of it is the people who fence there. Though I see that they will fence with Henri when I am not there. Maybe I just look mean.

Maybe it is some combination of these two things or perhaps there is something else I am not thinking of. All I know is that I feel like I have hit a low point...a low turning my fencing.

I don't know if I have the strength to find a way to rally. I just don't know.

Footnote to a crappy day:

Saturday night I did spend the night with my son, Sam at UNCC. He and his cute little girlfriend  ( Kayla) and I went out to eat. We went to the building where he has class and is a TA. Then we went back to his apartment and played some cards. Kayla made us some cup cakes. Once Kayla left we played " Tour of Duty 4", which was a lot of fun. I get to keep his X Box during Spring there was some good this weekend.


fencerkath said...

There are always going to be days like this.  It's not usually you coming last but this time it was.  But what advice would you give to someone else who had a really bad day's fencing and didn't know why?

You've given me pretty good advice in the past, and I still usually come last - but I learn more about fencing some of the time.  I never heard you telling me to give up.  Thanks to you and others I've hung on, going for the good hit I manage sometimes or a technique that succeeds for the first time.  

I know I don't have the same aims or ability to succeed as you do - and I'm also getting older and slower.  But I wouldn't give up for a single bad day - or even for a run of bad days.  They happen.

If I were as good a fencer as you, I'd bee looking for a veteran fencers' organisation - do they have them in the States? - where I could pick up tips on how to fence when lacking speed.  Here, veterans fence in their own national and international championships - and come home with medals - as well as fencing in Open competitions.  This is the U.K. site:  (And the veterans still fence the youngsters in their clubs.)

Read the late books in The Three Musketeers series - d'Artagnan, Aramis, Athos and Porthos kept going.

fencerkath said...

And just one point ... if you've changed your grip from French to a modified pistol grip, it may take a time to get used to it, even if it's better in the end.  And in a sport where a fraction of a second counts, that matters.  Just an idea.

rdautumnsage said...

Jim do me a favor turn around (gives him a swift kick in the butt)...Seriously hon, you had a bad run, a bad day...but by far it's worse for you kicking yourself without me doing so. By the way the kick was for the I'm getting old tirade. You keep thinking like that, you become your own worst enemy. Nothing is perfect in a day, a life, a marriage, a competition...Nothing will ever amount to that word - perfect. Instead of quitting ask yourself, what did you do wrong, how did you move, what can be changed (hint, start with your attitude toward yourself)...

Don't defeat yourself, before you even begin.  When you lose heart in something you enjoy, your going about it all wrong. (Hugs) Indigo