Saturday, February 9, 2008

Different Week...Great Saturday

This was a different kind of week.

Monday I went to sabre to free fence with Nicole. She needs to practice before the Junior Olympics next weekend. She got to practice and I got some strip time.  I worked on different techniques and I did not fence to win, but it was great. I needed that. Some people will argue that you should always fence to win, but I do not think this is the case.

Wednesday Anne ( my wife) had to go to the hospital. She was having bad pain. They could not find the cause. If Anne is hurting, it must be some god awful pain because she can take a lickin' and keep on tickin'. She came home from the hospital. She told me to go fence and my daughters came over to keep an eye on her.

Coach Miller did not show for class on Wednesday. That was fine, as we all got in some strip time. I felt good to be able to do this and again I worked on different attacks and counters.

Early Thursday morning Anne woke me up to take her to the hospital again. This time we found she had an ovarian cyst and a kidney infection and some other stuff. I took her home around lunch time, but did not go to UNC and fence. It was time to stay home and make sure she was okay.

Also on Thursday, I got my epee I had an armorer fix. I have modified the grip to be like Coach Millers. I am anxious to see if he likes it. He will not say it is good. If he does like it ,he will say, " I could fence with that." That is the highest compliment you can get on your weapon. I got that on a French grip already. If Ron blesses my weapon or says that it is okay, I will fix another weapon to this type of modified pistol grip.

I stayed home again on Friday night, even though Tommy was in town and I really would have liked to fence him. I like to measure myself against him and I never have to hold back. Oh well.....there are some things more important than fencing. That sounds so wrong when I read it....but it is true.

Anne is greatly improved, so on Saturday. I am clear to go to Duke and watch my first NCAA fencing tournament. It was great in all respects. If you have never done this before, you should. I felt like today was a whole new lesson in fencing. That is the wonderful thing about fencing.....there is ALWAYS lots to learn.

I met Henri in Burlington and we drove down together. I got to drive her car, which is always a plus.

The fencing was pretty good. Some of the girls had really great footwork. A sabre fencer from MIT comes to mind. It was interesting to see how some schools had entirely different foot work than other schools. Henri brought that to my attention.

We knew a lot of the non-kids there. Henri knew the head armorer and the Air Force coach. I had met them before as well, but they are more inclined to remember a cute Southern belle. Go figure.

We saw the UNC folks, but they were working so we tried to leave them alone.

Alex was surprised to see us and seemed glad we came. He told us to go down and check out his salle. Elizabeth ( Alex's wife) was there and she took the time to show us around. It was so nice of her to do that. As the head armorer said, this is the premier place to fence for the NCAA. It is a class act. I have pictures, if I can figure out how to get them form my phone to the computer. I need my son Sam..... or Mario and Woody. The salle is not only well organized ,it is also shows Alex has a great creative side. I was amazed at so many things. There is to much to go into to describe it all. I will wait for the pictures and go into more detail.

I do not have the words to describe what the event at Duke was like. I consider it a good fencing lesson on several levels. Perhaps I will think on this some more and add a Part II.

You might think that a man my age would often wish to be a young again. Oddly, enough, I rarely do. Though today, just for a moment, I was struck by envy of these kids that got such an early start fencing and I wanted to be them. I wanted to be young. It passed after I thought about it for a while and I am again content with my own life and age.

I noticed the only NC fencers ( non-NCAA folk) I saw there today were myself and Henri and a young woman who is from Maryland but is trapped here. That is a shame. If there is an event like this next year ( and I have the opportunity) I am going to gather up some youth fencers ( the little kids) and take them there for a part of the day. These are the people that should be exposed to this.

Saturday was a good day and a good lesson. Now I need to find Elizabeth's e-mail and thank her again for taking the time out of a busy day. Yep...good day. I can't wait to tell the DFC people about some of the things at Duke.


fencerkath said...

I'm sorry to hear about Anne and glad she's recovering - and I look forward to hearing more about the salle.

rdautumnsage said...

Sorry to hear about Anne hon. I'm keeping her in my prayers on the smoke, she has a quick recovery. Although the week started off on a down note, sounds like it ended on a great one. (Hugs)Indigo