Monday, February 11, 2008

Coach Miller Style Epee Grip....Well...Maybe It Is...I May Find Out Wednesday

Tonight I free fenced. I tried out my modified Coach Miller-like pistol grip. I will not find out until the next time I see him if it needs further adjustment.

This was the most expensive weapon I owned and my only FIE weapon. ( Not that International competition is in the forecast in this life time.) Between shipping it to an armorer and his cost I added half it's cost again to the price of the weapon. ( This is because of a problem I had when I tried to modified it myself.)

I fenced a 15 point bout with it and at the end of it I felt like my arm was going to fall off.
When I first started fencing I would hold the weapon so tight that I would develop a pain between my bicep and triceps. It is pretty common. But I got that same thing when I fenced with this grip. ( My foot work was sloppy as well....but that is another story.)

I don't know if I can fence with the darn thing. I will see how it goes when I have lessons.
It may be that I have to switch to this thing gradually.

When I fenced with my French grip, I was fine and moved better. I guess it is a comfort issue.

I don't know about this new pistol grip. I will keep trying. The only good thing about it is that I doubt any other human being would ever want to borrow it.

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