Sunday, January 13, 2008

Why Jim Kent is Stupid...Yet....Wiser

When I was in college , I had a pretty high IQ. ( Note: I never believed in the validity of them all that much and I am sure they must have changed considerably in the last three decades or so.) I also devoted a lot of time and money in my youth to killing off brain cells, so I am certain that the gray matter has seen better days.

I fenced Sunday in Charlotte. That was stupid. I should have taken care of my elbow.
Friday night I whimpered when I put on or took off my jacket. I made a sound like a small animal dieing when I reached down and pulled up my bed sheets. My elbow was in a bad way.

Saturday, it felt bruised and only hurt really bad when I squeezed something with my hand. You would be surprised how often you do that in a days time. Though by evening, it was much better.

Sunday I warm up doing 6 Wall and it does not hurt going slow.

I decide to fence. ( Moderately stupid move.)

I fence pools.

I fence Courtney. Courtney has better blade work than I do. Yet I have beaten her before by offering invitation and denying her the use of my point as a reference for distance. She beat me 5-4. That no longer works on her.  I am pretty sure that she is unaware that I am working hard to improve and the rest of the fencing world is not allowed to do so.

I fence Henri. Henri knew I was hurt and took it easy on me. I won.

I fenced Lucion. ( Most likely spelled wrong, but I don't feel like going to Ask Fred and looking it up.) He is rated a "C" fencer. I beat him 5-3. Not much to say about the bout, but one touch. For my touch number three, I just walked up the strip, lunged and hit him on the on guard line. It was the walking and distance part that threw him off. It was a cheap trick you might do fooling around in club. I have no idea what made me do that, but it worked. is another stupid thing and a lesson learned. The lesson learned , however, is of such small value and could help so few people that it is almost worthless.

I fenced Amanda. She is a good fencer and I did not take her lightly, but did not take her serious enough. So we are fencing and suddenly the score is 4-2 her. Well I am not liking this to much. I decide to pommel and hit closer target to catch up. "Pow"....touch to the arm. I get the touch. That seems (if not smart) effective, doesn't it? I do it again. Sounds like it is working and is a good idea doesn't it?

Most people fence with a  pistol grip and even I am now trying to make the switch, so you might not understand this. When you pommel with a French, you sacrifice some strength in doing parries and 'takes". You just don't have the leverage. Do you know what it does do? It places weight on your elbow. Yep...touch 4 hurt me. I caught up and I paid the price. Now....Here is where it gets even more stupid. For the final touch I stick with pommeling. Hey...It was working! We are dancing around and my elbow is killing me and I am having trouble keeping my tip up and on target. Amanda wins. She is a sweet and pretty young woman , so I don't mind all that much.

So there was a lesson learned, but not one of much value.

I should mention at this point that there are only 10 fencers in the tournament. I like to think if there had been much more I would have dropped out.

Peter starts to post the results. I tell him that I am withdrawing, but I glance at the sheet and see I have a "bye". ( I am ranked sixth out of ten fencers and I have a "bye". Someday I MUST research this sort of thing and see how this works.) I tell him I will stick it out, as I do not have to fence that many people.

By the way, Peter's first question to me after I told him was injured was, "Did it happen here?" You know....that most likely would have been my first thought if I was in his shoes, but I think I might have faked a little concern before I asked that question. But, that is just me.

I fence Mike in DEs. ( I think his name is Mike, I may need to look it up) Now I have fenced Mike before. I fenced him at a UNC tournament. When we came on strip at UNC, he said to me, "Are you tired, Pops?". I never had anyone talk smack to me on a fencing strip before, but I gave as good as I got. Sadly, I lost that bout something like 15-13. I lead most of time, but he rallied in the end.

I was hoping to avenge myself here and make a nice story for my journal. Touch one, he fleches and stops short to keep from running into me. We are in an in fighting situation. I take his blade and shove my bell guard up high and fast and make the touch. Sounds good doesn't it?

Elbow going up was stupid. I wanted to vomit, that hurt so bad. I got a couple of doubles after that , but could no longer hang. He beat the tar out of me and I was done. In truth, he has gotten better and I don't think I could have taken him if my elbow was better. However, I hopeto find out again some day.

I got to watch Henri fence Amanda. That was a good and exciting bout. Henri won and I was proud of her. She faced Courtney in her second DE.

I am correcting stuff, because Sharon pointed out an error.

Nicole won her first DE and then she had the misfortune to fence Keith in her second DE. He is a good fencer, but she landed some good touches that made Constantine bust out laughing. He was laughing at Keith. I thought she gave a good account of herself.

I did not stay to watch the foil after epee. I had promised my son and his girlfriend (students at UNCC) that I would take them out to lunch. I hope Henri did well.

Today I did not do very well fencing. Two years ago, I would have beat myself up over it on the ride home. It doesn't matter much to me. This was a small little tournament and it felt to me, more like free fencing at club than a tournament. I mean that in a good way.
I got in some strip time and I am happy with that. I was able to fence, before I head to the doctors and find out what I have done to my elbow. ( Oddly enough, it does not hurt at all now.)

So you see, even though I did a lot of stupid things today, I can't help but feel a bit wiser.


rdautumnsage said...

One does pay the price of stupidity, although it sounds like you may have lucked out. We will have to see what the dr. says. (Hugs) Indigo

ncfence004 said...

Actually Nicole won her first DE 15-6.  She was fencing at the same time Henri was fencing Amanda.  Keith was her 2nd DE.  Rest up that elbow and make sure you call the doctor in morning to schedule your appointment.  We'd miss you too much if you messed it up so badly that you could no longer fence.  :*(