Saturday, January 26, 2008


Not such a good week for me. It was not mind blowing depressing, but it was just not good.

Wednesday night was my group lesson with Coach Miller. Only three of us were in the class, everyone else was sick. I did not grasp things and felt awkward. I hate that feeling when you do drills.

I washed my brand new XL NCFDP fencing t-shirt and it shrunk to the point that it looks like it was sprayed on me.  ( NOT a pretty sight!) I hated that. I really wanted to wear that around. It was a great t-shirt. ~ heavy sigh ~

Thursday I had a private lesson Coach Miller. Often when I write in my journal I mention something he said that made me feel good. This week he lost patience with me. Mostly with my hand position in en guard, but I kind of blew it in some other areas as well. When I would try to fix one thing, I would screw up another. I don't blame him for about losing it with me. I don't see how he does it week after week. I would loose it more often. It is one of many reasons I don't ever see me being a coach. At the end, Coach Miller said that they had notice my NCFDP patch. It looked nice. I wonder if he was thinking..." Crud! Now someone will know he is one of my students. How embarrassing."

After our lessons, Henri and I often make up vocalizations of Coach's thoughts during lessons. It is pretty entertaining.   Henri does it the best. I wonder sometimes how close it is to the truth.

Friday night I worked on trying to fix my hand position in en guard and Henri's inability to wait for cues. I do not know how well we did on either, but we worked on it. Henri and I may never be good fencers, but by all that is holy we ARE going to be able to do the six wall drill correctly. I vow this!

I fenced with some of the kids. I thought I would test my elbow and work on some stuff. I don't seem to get any strip time these days. I stunk. I have come to the conclusion that my foot work is not as good as it once was. ( Not that it was all that great.) I need to work on that.

On the bright side, I have stopped my steroid medication for my elbow and I think it is getting better. I loss the weight I gained while taking the meds and am back to where I was before I started the taking them. At least I was yesterday, I have not weighed today. I am heading to the gym shortly. I am looking forward to it.

Thus endth my week in fencing. I think I need to listen to some blues. Where is my T-bone Walker?

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rdautumnsage said...

Aye it does sound like a rather fusterating week. I always like to believe we go through weeks like this and come out with a fresh perspective for the following days. At least I hope that is the case. The fact is your willing to admit your faults and try to right them how ever you may. That in itself is what these weeks are all about , humbling. Have a great weekend dear friend! (Hugs) Indigo