Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Week and the Elbow....and the Tummy.

This week I went to the doctor and got my elbow looked at. I am taking some medicine that has steroids in it. It is making me ravenously hungry. Well I think it is the meds, I get that way often with out it.  I went up a couple of pounds this week and I am afraid to get on the scale this morning. On the bright side, I will be heading to the gym shortly. I have not been able to go this whole week. The struggle continues.

Wednesday I had a group lesson with  Coach Miller. I felt sort of clumsy at it at times. It happens. Some days you feel like you are moving sharply and others you don't.

Cam talked to me about Divisional tournaments that are coming up. She is having difficulty getting in touch or help with other Divisional officers.  So far, only two have said they would help. It seems she is on her own.

I had told myself I would no longer help at Divisional tournaments. However, my friend needs help, so I will go one more time. I don't mind the work, it is the comments that are sure to follow the event. Somebody wants to take a shot, that is fine....but they had better have done something to help or my gloves are coming off.

Thursday I went to UNC and had a private lesson with the coach. We are not that far apart in age and yet I cannot for the life of me call him Ron. Coach is the only name that fits. I did well that night. I also got a cool NCFDP T-shirt. I always wanted one.

Henri was there and she bought a NCFDP patch for her uniform. Being the generous person that she is, she bought me one as well. It is very cool and I look forward to wearing it proudly. I also instantly gave some thought to what my friends at the the DFC would think about me wearing this. I thought about it and I do not think it would bother anyone. They have always supported my efforts and want me to improve. I consider myself a member of both clubs these days. I think of  myself as student ofthe sport and would I would go any where within the limits of my finances and time to improve myself.  I do not have a life time to learn and I need to try and step up the process when ever I can.

I fenced once at UNC. The person was a saberist, but most people had not come because of the weather or the North American Cup. So I got in a a tiny bit of strip time, but my elbow paid the price. I need to make myself rest it.

Friday night, I went to the club and hung out for a bit, but did not dress out.

This was my week in fencing.

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