Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year

Well it is pretty darn hard to write about fencing when you aren't doing any. However, on a related subject, I have been working out like hell for the last couple of weeks. I had been doing okay for the last month or so, but have turned it up a bit for the last week and and a half.

My focus has been on cardio. I am trying to build my endurance and loose some weight. Most of my workouts are a mixture of some circuit training and or some sort of weight training that does not put a strain on the elbow. I have done a lot of lower body work.
I am trying to let my elbow rest. It was damaged during an App Tournament. I think it is like a tennis elbow sort of thing. There has been an discussion on this on Fencing Net of late. I noticed a lot of vets posting there. I think it is okay as long as I do not flick. My flick stinks any way.

I coupled lower body work outs and circuit training ( This involves machines instead of free weights and step exercises in between with one minute time intervals. A total of 30 minutes to complete.) with one hour on the Elliptical Trainer. ( I  varied workouts and  on this machine and resistance. )

I burned well over a 1000 calories each work out, In this time of a week and a half I lost a pound or two.  Now I know that this might be considered good, as I did not gain weight over the holidays. However, I was hoping for a little more.

Tomorrow,  I return to work after a week and a half off. Trying to keep this going while working and fencing is going to be hard. There is no way I can go every day. I will have Mondays off from fencing now and that will help free up some workout time.

I am going to go to the gym today and then when I come home time myself for a two mile walk in my neighborhood. It is my thought ,that I might do this before I go to work.
I am not sure how this will play out. Jim does not like being cold or giving up morning coffee and computer time. We will see what happens here.

On the positive side, I have loaded up my MP3 player with new music. Much of it is fencing related. Yesterday I even found a "Princess Bride" sound track at a used CD store. Who the heck knew that movie HAD a sound track? Courtney ( Number One Daughter ) has a new CD on order for me from Europe. I think she finally found something I have wanted a long time. It is kind of hard to find an old Marie Laforet's album around here.

I wish I could run trails again. I miss that so much. There is nothing so meditative as running in the woods. Sadly, I do not think I can do that anymore do to the problem with my heel. ( Well I could, but I would need to crawl to the bathroom the next morning and sit down on the steps and bump my butt to go down them.)

Damn. It is getting harder to stay in the game.

Luckily , I like a challenge.

Happy New Year and may this year be better than 2007.............for all of us.

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