Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Epee Sense is Tingling!

I think something is wrong. It may be that more than "think". I feel something 
is wrong.

I think something has happened to fencing around here. I am a vet, but I am not
a veteran with a lot of years under his belt. (Just the opposite in fact.) So,
perhaps my observations are incorrect.

There do not seem to be many tournaments on the horizon in this state. The ones
I have been to of late have been poorly attended. You do not see new people at
these tournaments. I went to a small one this weekend and except for one young
man, I think I could call everyone by their first name.

It doesn't seem like it was like that last season, or the season before that. Of
course I was newer then and perhaps I was not paying attention.

I scanned all the people listed as members of the USFA in our Division the other
day. There seems to be a fair amount of them. There are a lot of names I have never
seen at tournaments though. Some may be NCAA kids and some may just fence other
weapons and I do not remember their names.

I scanned South Carolina and Tennessee and tried to compare them to our
Division. There are some good tournaments in South Carolina, but in my short time fencing,
they never seem to have very many.

I read on Fencing Net, that this club in Tennessee is having a drop
in membership. They are a mostly recreational club that has been around sense

I heard (did not read) that there was a 2% decline in USFA membership from last
year. I think that was the first time that membership had actually gone down.

Of course I have also read about Divisions in the US that are having good

I wonder if this is something that is affecting states that had a larger
manufacturing base and that a drop in fencing may have some link to people being
able to afford fencing as jobs disappear?

Or is it that people are just getting fatter and lazier? Or is this because
there are more things competing for time and dollars of late?

Or am I just wrong?

I would think/ hope that the Olympics might give the sport around here a shot in
the arm. I understand that the fencing part of th
e Olympics will be during prime time this year. I hope that is true.


woodytheaxe said...

There have been no recent movies with sword play.   We had great growth because for three years in a row we had a new installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

If we want to keep membership up, we have to keep swordplay in front of people.

rdautumnsage said...

Honestly, I think people are generally getting lazy. This latest generation has everything given to them at the touch of a button. You don't have to move to change the channel on the tv. , You have your cell phone connected to you. You don't go to movies you watch them at home or on your computer. Technology with all it's advances hasn't left room for us to do a whole lot for ourselves. Kids don't even bother to take the time to learn a new skill. Take guitar lessons for example why would you take hours, years to learn to play when you can pretend with the latest video artistry "Guitar Hero". Why learn swordplay when you can play it on X-box and not leave your home. It's a sad state of affairs really, how much has technology actually helped us , help ourselves? (Hugs) Indigo