Monday, January 14, 2008

Elbow Update

I went to the Doctor today. I had to go before I faced Sharon again.

My elbow is a tennis elbow sort of thing. There is no arthritis and no screwed up bones.

So...Yay! I was worried more than I needed to be.

I am on some meds with steroids and anti-inflammation. I got a cool brace.

The doctor could not tell me why for the last two months it would mostly a bothersome pain and then on Friday it was butt kicking pain.

I think it had something to do with fencing foil with a pistol grip.

If this does not get better in a couple of weeks , then I may get a shot in the arm...or ( god forbid) takes some time off from fencing. Nah....there is time to rest in Summer..

1 comment:

epeeallday said...

just take the time u need, fencing will b here injuries can b pretty bad and get worse over time. and might b time to stay clear of that french grip ;p