Friday, January 11, 2008


This week we are back at fencing after Christmas break.

Wednesday we had a group lesson with Coach Miller. Mostly it was "6 Wall". We worked on being better instructors and learning the benefit of being the instructor with out partners when we are paired up. ( student- leader) The "6 Wall"  is  to be part of our warm up before class and tournaments. It looks good when done well and is a great warm up.

Mostly it was not all that enjoyable , but necessary to get us back on track after a long break. Not everything in fencing can be new and exciting. Often you must suck it up and work on basics. That is what we did Wednesday.  I needed it.

Thursday night I went to UNC and got a private lesson with Coach Miller. We worked on  keeping the arm straight and placing the tip. It was a bit more complex than that , but that is the gist of it. When I use my beloved French grip I am only getting 65% of it. ( And I tend to put some shoulder in it, which of course is wrong.) When I use my pistol grip I get 85% of it. When I use Coach Miller's epee I get 95%. Coach Miller cuts off part of his pistol grip, so that his thumb is wedged tight against the bell guard.

Today I tried to modify my grip, I think the only thing I have done is destroy the grip on my only FIE weapon. I haven't given up on trying to save it......but DAMN!

At the end of my lesson last night, Coach Miller told me that he wished that he had film of me when when we first started. He said that I had improved so much that I was on a whole  other plane. I don't know about that. I don't think this is transferring to the strip all that much. Still, it made me feel really good.

UNC is crowded, so I did not get to fence. I have not gotten any strip time this week. Tonight I will head to the club and try and get in abit of fencing.

I am fencing this weekend at a tournament in Charlotte. If I fence smart, there might be a couple of people I can take, but mostly I think I will be out classed. While I do not see me doing all that well this weekend, I need to compete and I am looking forward to it.

Now I need to see what I can do to save my weapon before class, or just order another grip.

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rdautumnsage said...

Good Luck on both fronts my friend fixing your grip and the competition. As for winning , sometimes we learn more when we don't . So on any front speed be with you and come back smiling. (Hugs) Indigo