Sunday, December 2, 2007

Good Week

This was a fairly full week of fencing even though I missed a day or two. My body is covered in epee bruises, like it should be.

We had another great group lesson with Coach Miller on Wednesday.

Thursday, I traveled to UNC and had the usual good private lesson with Coach. Some other good things happened there as well. One is that I got in a lot of strip time. In fact I fenced until the only thing keeping me on my feet and blade up was pride. I was worn out! Another thing that is good is that I feel like I am starting to be excepted by the people there. I like that.

Friday night ( at the last minute) I decided that I would in fact go to the Wilmington tournament. I missed club here and headed down. I had not been down to check on our beach house in a while, so I spent the night there.

Saturday I fenced. In pools I had a hard one. ( Hey....I say when they are easy...I can say when they are hard.) In a pool of 5 I finished in the middle. I was seeded 11th out of right around 20-something people. As of this writing, results have not been posted, so my numbers may be off a bit. I had a bye going into DEs.

Editors Note: I am often amazed at "byes" I guess because after a certain point, I have no idea how they work. I have no idea why a person that is seeded 11th  out of 20 people has a bye. Someday if I get bored, I will study "byes". I would like to know.....but not enough to stop what I am doing and go find out.

My first DE is against a left handed college kid from NCSU who is seeded 6th. Early on I have a huge lead of 5 or 6 points. Around touch eight to ten he starts to catch up. I think there are multiple reasons for this. I am getting tired. I am getting over confident. I am not fencing as hard anymore because I know I am going to win.

I did win, but only by a couple of points. Another factor in this was that that I found I could annoy the kid by beating the heck out of his blade. I baited him. Later in the bout, he did the same to me. It was less effective , but it did work once I am ashamed to say. After that, I just waited for the beat and disengaged for the touch.

Editors Note: While I have been working the last month by exercise to increase my endurance. My weight is not coming off. I have got to try and get my 55 year old metabolism working again. This is something only a Vet 50 fencer understands. I knew I should have gotten the EXTENDED warranty on my metabolism.

My next DE  was against a big "C" fencer from ECU. This guy is a really tall heavy set guy and I have forgotten his name. Well to make a long story short, he beat the tar out of me. I have not had a beating like that in a long time. I had not watched him fence, but due to his body, I had sized him up as someone that would not have good footwork and rely on his height to get the touch. I was correct, but he also had quick hands and good blade work. I tried something different every touch to try and find what would let me gain on him, but to no avail.

Oh well..................and I am done.

Yet Another Editors Note: This big guy fenced Henri in a  Raleigh tournament last season. I did not see much of the bout as I was in pools on another strip. However, this kid knocked Henri down a couple of times. I am not saying it was on purpose. However, in that constant war of huge guy runs into tiny woman......huge guy has yet to loose. Now if you know Henri ( or think you know Henri) you may think she is this sweet tiny little southern belle........................however.................nothing could be further from the truth. We refer to her as the "Mistress of the Abyss"............and for good reason.

Nothing makes Henri smile more or cheer up  more than if I tell her some one that has wronged her " will die by my hand". It has to be those exact words. She relates a story to me or shows me a nasty bruise that someone caused fencing and you are on the list.  God forbid you break a nail. So if you have fenced Henri and left a bad bruise or injured her in some way, you are most likely on the "death list".  This big guy was on the "death list". I failed. I am sorry Mistress, I just could not do it.

Sub note to " Yet Another Editors Note": The whole "death list" and people " that will die by my hand " is a inside joke and not for real. ( As far as you know.) It really does cheer her up though and bring a big smile to her face.

Back to the tournament.

I think I finished in the top eight, but I do not know what my pool results will do. I will just wait on the results to be posted on Ask Fred.

I enjoyed the tournament and the folks were very nice. I had conversations and interacted with people from the Raleigh Club  that I had not interacted or had conversations with before, so that was good.

All in all it was very laid back, which I like. I think the coast clubs are blessed on not being caught up in the posturing that goes on sometimes in our Division. "Yay" for them!

One Last Editors Note: I mentioned the Division. I have read and heard a lot of negative things about " The Division" over the last couple of months. I do not care if people show anger or get upset with
" The Division" for this or that. This is energy. If you do not get upset, it may mean that you do not care. These people talk about " The Division" as if it were some mystical entity obscured by mist and darkness. When in fact, they ( we) are  " The Division". It would seem to me that things would be better with a little more work and a lot more tolerance.

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