Saturday, December 8, 2007

Another Week Closer to the Holidays

My week in fencing was not all that great.

Wednesday we had the usual good group lesson with Coach Miller. Next Wednesday we review the semester and get to ask a question. Now to figure out the best use of my question. I may be able to have a couple of more in reserve and give them to people who did not remember to come up with a question, thus speeding down the path to enlightenment.

Thursday I did not go UNC and fence. The news about Henri's mom bummed me out and caused me to reflect on my own loss this year. I just did not feel like going by myself.

Friday on a couple of people showed up for free fencing. I fenced 30 touches and we called it a night. That bout was fun for me , as I reviewed some of the new attacks that I have been learning. Two of them felt text book. I have no idea what they looked like, but the blade work felt perfect. I did not even change out of my jeans to fence. ( Woody was kind enough to record this on Facebook.)

I went to the doctor to get the results of my blood work. Over all there are no problems.
She did tell me that I need to loose some weight. Well no duh!
But now that it is official, maybe I will go at it harder. When I was young, I thought people my age just let themselves go. I had no idea what it is like.

Let's see if Jim can "hunker down". A quick shower and off to the gym.

( Note: I was doing yard work and a shower prior to gym is a courtesy to the rest of the world.)

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