Friday, November 23, 2007

A Week of No Fencing and Thanksgiving

I was reading a forum this week and it made me think of a ref seminar I attended.

The lecturer stated that it was against the rules for fencers not to have their knickers cover their socks. ( No skin on the legs showing) It is a minor rule and I have never seen it strictly enforced at local tournaments.

According to the speaker, what makes it worth enforcing is that all those other people made sure that their legs were covered. Not enforcing the rules on the person who socks show skin is therefor unfair to them.

Evidently, ( after reading this forum) this may not be a universal truth. I will think on this for a while.

Editors Note: The forum post had nothing to do with socks, but it is the same thing in my mind.

Now....................back to the subject of my

I am not fencing any this week. I did do a light warm up with Jen Cox's class on Monday, but no blade work. I am having trouble getting strip time. I am not sure what to do about this. Looking at the long range weather forecast, Henri and I had talked about taking a box to the park and fencing outdoors. We did this last Thanksgiving. It looks like the weather will be to cold this weekend and no one else seemed very interested in the prospect.

Last year when we did this , we stopped and talked to some people in between bouts that had an interest in fencing. It would seem to me, if a couple of people would go to the park and fence on occasion ( not unlike going to the park and throw a Frisbee or something) it might be a way to generate an interest in fencing. ( In a small way...though a small way is better than no way.)

I have been somewhat successful at making myself go to the gym and work on endurance based exercises. Sadly, cardio just bores the living hell out of me. BUT...I am making myself do some. I use to love to run trails ( not a Hasher), but an injury has taken that away from me. Going to the gym and working with free weights is where I am more at home. It has been a part of my life for a long time. My workouts are a lot lighter than the old days and no longer "body part " ordinated, Still, except for my big old tummy, I don't feel totally "mushy". At my age it is more of a maintenance thing. I try to think "fencing" as a vary my routine and encompass things with a full range of motion. I have also started doing lower body again, though much lighter weights.

On the downside, yesterday I ate like a pig. I do not think I will weigh for a couple of days.

Now....time to head to the gym and buy some tires.

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