Thursday, November 15, 2007


Last night I had a group lesson with Coach Miller. I enjoyed it. The majority of
the time it was like a lecture. I like all his lessons, but I think I enjoy
these types most of all. I would love to just sit around and eat and have a beer
and just listen to him talk about fencing.

This lecture was on a subject near and dear to every fencer. It was about our
weapon. What to look for. How the grip and tang should be set. What he buys for
his team and why? We did a drill using his weapon and then our own. He was
trying to make a point. You often hear fencers talk about equipment, but I think
when I hear someone that has been fencing for 50 years talk about it, I am going
to pay attention.

Editors Note: In my career, I have often heard people tell me how long they have
been doing something. ( They are trying to indicate that because they have done
something a long time, they are knowledgeable about it. I have often countered
with, " You have probably been making love for a long, long time, but that
doesn't mean you are any good at it." What I am saying by this is that I do not
generally accept that someone knows what they are talking about JUST because
they have been doing it a long time. However, in Coach Millers case....I take it
as gospel.

Another subject that fascinated me was about when he was in Germany. He said
that when someone on the German team messed up they had to spend ten minutes in
"the closet". The closet was s small photography dark room with a black light.
Inside, hanging on a black string was a small yellow ball. They are draped in a
black tunic and given an epee that is painted totally black. The drill is to
always know were your point is, without looking at it. This sounds like a really
good drill to me. I would love to spend some time doing that. If I ever get an
epee I feel like I can waste by painting all black, I may set something up like
that, just to check it out.

We did do some drills and they were simple and useful. It was another great

Prior to this I had gone to the gym. I am trying to increase my endurance by
making myself do cardio. I have done pretty good this week in keeping my self
focused on that. Sadly , my weight after a few days in Pittsburgh is actually up
a bit. DAMN IT!!! Stupid 55 year old metabolism!!! Next week I will not fence at
all, so I will concentrate on this.

Tonight ( Thursday ) I went down to UNC fenced a bit and had a private lesson.
I worked on a new " take".

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