Friday, November 9, 2007

Learning from Kids

Over the course of the week, I have reflected on "people who taught me things in
fencing". Mostly (for some unknown reason) I have thought about kids who have
taught me things. (Kids being people under 21 or so.)

Hunter (blond KOS fencer) ...I think of him often when I get down on myself
about fencing. Three years ago, when he was just a little kid and was fencing
epee for the first time at the first Titanic Open. He was getting the crud
kicked out of him, but he was having the most fun and the best time of anyone
there. I talked to him at last years Divisional about his influence on me. I
thought he should know. As always, he seemed happy about it.

Tommy is another. I cannot put my finger on one thing he taught me, but we
shared a lot of tournaments together and on occasion some quite, thoughtful and
supportive conversations. ( I know what you are thinking.......Tommy?...."Quite
and thoughtful"????) Yes, on more than one occasion. Tommy has a lot of energy,
but he has his quite reflective times as well. In my book, we became "brothers"
when we went to a KOS tournament together two years ago or so ago. We were the
only non-KOS fencers there and it was the first time we earned a rating.

The young woman I fenced at the App tournament. (I have forgotten her name.)
That is a lesson in progress. It concerns rules vs. what is right. I am still
thinking on this.

I have had several 30-something coaches and instruction from people of various

Sharon (Nicole's mom) is my latest coach.

Coach Miller and Sally are the only coaches older than me I have ever worked
Even Alex is a year younger.

(Side note: Coach said some supportive things concerning my fencing last night.
I needed that.)

I am not in any way hung up on the age of anyone I learn from. I try to learn
what ever I can, from who ever I can. But ever sense the new lady that runs the
"Y" came in and looked around at the fencers......focused on me....the
oldest....and decided I must be THE has been weighing on my

Or it may be that it has something to do with Sally's retirement. I am not sure.

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woodytheaxe said...

Every time I think on The Doc's retirement I have this uncontrollable urge to drink whiskey.

Come to think of it some whiskey would do right this very moment.