Monday, October 29, 2007

Yin and Yang

Woody: " Your goals are unrealistic."  " You have ruined her'" ( Motions across the table to Henri.)

Cameron: " I don't think your goals are unrealistic." " I don't generally approve of rating based goals."

I have reflected on some opinions my friends expressed on Friday night, as we all had dinner together.

I enjoyed listening to Cameron's opinions and observations. Mario was supportive, though I could only hear parts of his conversation with Henri.

"Your goals are unrealistic." and "You ruined Henri." are words that drift through my mind the most from that night.  I will ponder them for a while in case they are correct.

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cobaltblade said...

BS, IMO, Henri's doin' just fine.  If their knees ain't broken, you haven't ruined a fencer.  Actually, I think she's improved quite a bit and you're probably a good part of the reason.  And I suck at take it for what it is

I will say this, Rating based goals...stink.  Even tournament placement based goals kinda stink.  Have the fencer worry about the fencing and the other two will come.