Sunday, October 28, 2007

Why a Butt Wupping Ain't Bad

Today I fenced in an open epee event at UNC. There were 21 fencers and it was fairly high level. ( An A1 event, I think.)

In preregistration I was seeded dead last. When I got there, there was one unrated fencer, so I was seeded NEXT to last. I think this is were I wound up after the event. I will check that later. I almost did not want to go, because I knew this would be such a self esteem killer. On the other hand, the pressure is off. If you are the lowest rated fencer there, how can it get any worse.

Now here is why it was not bad. In my pool of seven there was one "A"; three "B's" one "C" and one "D". Then there was me, the sole "E" in the tournament. I beat the " D" 5-2.
I went la belle with the "C" and he won by one. My goal is to be able to think of myself as a solid "D" fencer and not be kidding myself. So based on those small results, for today...I met my goal. Now the A and B fencers ate my lunch and I finished last in pools. But I did not think that I was going to do any differently against that level of fencer. If I remember correctly I got one touch on a A and B fencer. I do not remember if I got two touches on another B or not. I did get three touches on B fencer Josh Webb. He won the silver for the day. Now, I must explain about one of the touches on Josh. I know he can kill me any time he wants, but on touch one he blundered. He saw the older E fencer and was going to showboat a bit by doing a fast squat and hitting me in the toe. Nahhhh. I fenced Tommy for to long. He dropped, I pulled my foot up and back and popped him in the mask. I saw his mouth fall open. In a handful of touches I will always remember, that will be one. Of course then he got a bit more serious and killed me.

I fenced a nice young man in my one and only DE. he was a C fencer. I lead for a while. Later in the bout he caught me. He then passed me and it was 12-10. He fenced smart and the next two touches he went for the double. 14-12. I got desperate and tried a desperate move. He nailed me and I was done 15-12. Still for the level I am trying to obtain, that is not so bad.

Henri and Nicole fenced epee yesterday. They did well. there were two women tied for third and then Henri had 5th and Nicole 6th. It seems like they should have been 4th and 5th. Perhaps they will be when the final results are posted. Henri was up there with the rated fencers. Good job!

I stuck around and watched Henri fence foil after my thrashing and watched the finals of epee.

Now I am home and it is nap time.

Post Script: I got offered a job coaching a high school club. I do not remember the guys name that was reffing ( who talked to me) or the school. I was kind of brain dead. I told him that I was a low level coach and not very good at foil. He seemed to think that did not matter. I told him that he should check with Coach Miller and see if the coach thought this was something I could handle. I told the guy that maybe I could help, or maybe I knew someone that could help. We will see what comes of it. I kind of hope it is nothing. My plate is pretty full.

Update: I found out Monday Night at sabre, that the man is Josh Webbs father.

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