Monday, October 15, 2007

Titanic Open 3

I had to work some Saturday morning. After I was finished I headed over to our little tournament for women and children, "The Titanic Open". I felt guilty because I had not helped set up Friday night. ( I was working.)

My conscience is clear now.

I was pressed into service as a epee ref. I pretty much hated it.

I was not prepared. I thought sense I was to originally be out of town, those bases were covered. I started trying to become certified last spring. I passed the general ( though if I had to take the test right now, I am not sure I would ) and I crashed and burned on the epee part. You can only miss three questions. I had started studying again this week, but not like I would have if I knew I would be reffing.

I know reffing epee is not a hard thing, but it requires some level of proficiency to do well. I hate not being prepared. My calls were correct, but I had not practiced my hand signals and the remote to the box was dying. The box did not work half the time. All in all, a fairly miserable experience. I don't like being unprepared.

I still aim to gain certification. I believe you should be able to ref what you fence, for a number of reasons. However, I am not a guy that either enjoys or is comfortable being in front of a crowd of people. ( Even a small crowd.) I think it is a good idea to know CPR, but I hope I do not have to use it. It think it is a little like that with reffing.

My ankles were killing me and I ended up standing up all afternoon. This is not what I needed.

On the bright side, I hung with Trev for a bit when I first got there and learned ( maybe) how to rewire a blade. He also fixed a couple of my weapons.

Jordan took third in epee. Aydin took second in epee and Henri took the silver in foil. Not bad!

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