Friday, October 12, 2007

This Week

Monday: I helped open and close for sabre.

Wednesday: We had an epee class with Coach Miller. I had a tiny amount of free fencing before hand.
Coach Miller's lesson was basic and fairly low level. I enjoyed it. I wish I could take a class like that every month or two. In my quest to become technically better, going back and working on these types of things never ending. There is always something to improve or fix. I suspect some people would find it dull, but I love it and take comfort in it. Plus any lesson with Coach Miller contains vocabulary. Often these are words you will not find in common books or on-line. There again, I love that sort of thing. One of the words I learned last week sounds like the painter Monet. ( This spelling is incorrect as my personal scribe has failed to deliver my notes from this week.) It is a large action better used in foil and mostly without much practical use in my opinion. It is also something that you are unlikely to ever have come up in conversation between you and another fencer. Still, I love to learn those type of things.

I also got to meet Nicole's older sister. Sharon did a good job. She has two pretttttty daughters. It was fun to watch them interact. They remind me of my own kids in the way that they play. ( kids may be cruder and more violent....but similar.)

Thursday: I went to UNC. I fenced. I free fenced a little. I fenced Mike. ( An older Penn State fencer who was in a MSF epee class.) We did not keep score, but he won. I worked on a few things and had some good touches. After fencing, he made me play a game. Generally I don't like this sort of thing, but this is a good tool. I had to list three things I did well and three things I did wrong. I had to list three things he did right and three things he did wrong. Of the things he said that I did well I remember two. He said my point was always on target and that my "takes were so good I could hold a blade till next week." I was shocked by that. I did not think I had good takes and I have never had a lot of confidence in them. That pumped me up a bit. One of the things he said I did bad was that sometimes I was out of balance. I am not aware of this, unless I over extend a lunge, but perhaps it is true. Or perhaps all these things are just rubbish. It is a good game to play anytime you are fencing or watching fencing though. It will eventually help you on strip.

I had a good private lesson with Coach Miller. There was nothing remarkable in it, other than my inability to follow directions at times.  he said I was much improved and very relaxed. My elbow popped out a tiny bit once in a while, but not often or much.

I did the same thing in that lesson, I have started doing on strip. I quit thinking about it. I was concentrating so hard on doing things correctly, I was screwing myself up. The trick now is to figure out when I SHOULD concentrate that hard and when I SHOULD NOT.

I am home now. No fencing tonight for me. I worked late tonight and am not helping set up for our club's tournament. I feel guilty about that, but it cannot be helped. I had to cancel my trip to Kansas, as another emergency at work has taken place. I must work tomorrow as well. I do not know how long,but I will miss most of the tournament going on Saturday.

Thus endth my week in fencing. So let it be written. So let it be done.

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epeeallday said...

glad to see ur not thinking about it. the next step is to realize when to as u said and if u keep working on analyzing wat u did good/bad and wat ur opponent did then u should have a better time at DE's. toomey is having me keep my bouting log in that fashion, and its starting to pay off. i would suggest u try this if ur not already, and that includes all fencing/lessons u fence in...tournaments and practice it helps.