Saturday, October 13, 2007

Scribe Wakes Up

Sometimes you just have to get on them a bit.

"From your personal scribe (see The Gray Epee~~~12 October 2007): Moulinet (see pg 2, Carolina fencing terminology).

Wikipedia's definition:
In sabre, a circular cut. A moulinet is often composed of a parry, usually prime or seconde, moving thence into a circular cut. This action, while flashy and impressive, is slow, since the action pivots around the wrist and elbow, and is rarely used in modern sabre. In Historical Fencing, this is the circular motion of the fighter's blade around the opponent's blade. The hilt does not move during this maneuver.

Coach Miller also said Moulinet attacks could be used in foil. The movement is BIG and uses a pivoting motion of the wrist. Best executed while using an intimidating Jim-like stare!!!"

Thanks Scribe

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