Sunday, October 7, 2007


I am feeling better. I went to the gym for a light work out, but did to much. It made me feel a bit light headed.

Perhaps I was wise to skip the tournament in Fayetville, though I feel bad about it. I do not think I had the endurance for it yet. I am not sure I had the endurance for a five hour drive. There was the possibility that I could have done the ref exam for epee and IF I had passed, I would have completed a goal for this season. Sadly, I only found out about it the night before. The odds that I could have studied in one night and passed are remote. So I did not go....but in a way I feel like I should have.

Tommy won the tournament and got his"B" rating. We are proud of him. I hate I missed that.

On the other hand, I did serve the fencing community. Woody ( who teaches a continuing education class at UNCG in fencing.....He is doing it solo this semester.) had a death in the family. Henri and I dropped by to see if he would make the class. He did, but has had a rough time and we took the adult part of the class for him. It was to be a sabre class. Henri and I can write everything we know about sabre on one side of an index card. Soooo......we switched it to epee. Everyone seemed to have a good time and we spent the last half hour of the class bouting. They had fun. One of the students is Bill. Bill is 80 plus. Is daughter is with him and she is around 57. She has a daughter that fences for Penn State. Those Penn State fencers must mate like rabbits. You can't throw a rock without hitting one.

Bill does great for his age. Except for a problem with heat, he is as good as anyone there. I am impressed. He studied fencing in Germany long ago. I do not know when, but he holds his off weapon hand in the classical manner. I hope I get to talk to him some time. He could be like a time capsule. I would like to hear the stories. I generally am patient about listening to old people and their stories. I hope that some one may have the same patients with me, should I live that long. In this case, this is one I would actually like to hear.

Next weekend I will miss one of the tournaments we host, "The Titanic Open". It is for woman and children only......get it?.....think about will. I had given thought to sneaking down to UNC for an epee tournament on Sunday as well. Work has dashed that hope. I will be in Kansas. I cannot remember every being in Kansas, though I must have driven through it at some point in my life.

The start of the season is not going well for me. There is something coming between me and tournaments/fencing constantly.

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