Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fencing in New Bern

The fencing and buildings are in New Bern, North Carolina, colonial capitol and birth place of Pepsi Cola. ( As my son Sam cleverly indicates. )

The water scenes are from our back yard at our beach house. It was a beautiful weekend for October...or any month for that matter.

I had the largest cheering section at the tournament. Kayla ( Sam's girlfriend from UNCC ) top picture. Anne, Jen ( Courtney's roommate ), Courtney and Sam. I did okay while they watched and they loved it when I saluted them.

It was a tiny tournament of eleven people. I was the top seed. It is unlikely THAT will ever happen again. They had some good fencers in both foil and epee. They did not have a lot of ratings, as it is difficult for them to get to many tournaments.

I was 5th out of pools.

I fenced a very tall guy in my first DE. He was not that good a fencer. He was not relaxed and his weapon arm was like a iron rod. Takes were out. He extended his arm high and in such a manner that I could not go OVER his bell guard. I was having a hard time with him and I was down 11-8. It was at this point, I decided to do something different. It was however. 2 points earlier when I SHOULD have tried doing something different. I elevated my tip to give him a false sense of distance. I came back to 14-13. Sadly, we doubled on the last touch and I was donefor the day. Which, while sucking in some regards, did allow me to go enjoy a beautiful day and town with my family and their friends.

The people at this tournament were very friendly and polite. I would be happy to fence here anytime. Sometimes those things mean more to me that the level of competition.

Editors Note: I skillfully picked pictures of me in my "whites" that did not show the true measure of how fat I am. I knew it....and I did not know it...all at the same time. Seriously, I have GOT to do something about this.

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