Friday, October 19, 2007

The Coast

Tonight I head to the coast. It is my oldest daughter's ( Courtney) birthday. 
She will be 26. Sam and his tiny girlfriend will be driving to High Point and
riding down to the coast with us. Cork ( Courtney) and her roommate ( Jen) will
drive down separately. Abe and Jaime will be down late Saturday. ( And lo, there
will be much Halo playing and that game shall be known as "Slayer" Okay...they
play more than me and are way better. However when I do luck up and win a game
it is SWEET!)

Saturday there is a small fencing tournament in New Bern. I will fence in the
tournament. My family will drop by for a bout 15 minutes ( I figure that is
about all they can stand. ) and watch me. Anne ( my wife ) watched me fence in a
tournament once before. I had been fencing around two months and went to
Divisionals. Sam fenced with me for a while, but has never been to a tournament.
I often think about my Dad , and how I wish he could have seen me fence
just one time. Not that it is all that impressive, but it would have been to
him. For some reason, I will rest easier if I know my family has seen me
fence....just once. Jaime will not be there, but she fenced with me for a little
while as well.

After they have watched all the fencing they can stomach they will head to the
interesting shops and places to eat in New Bern. Perhaps they will visit the old
Governor's Palace. We have never spent time there, but I think they will like

I have no goals or objectives for this little tournament. I am fencing for the
fun of it.

Of late I have tried to judge if I am fencing any better. Better than what
should be the question. I am doing a couple of things different/better than last
season. I keep my point on target more and use distance a little better. My"
takes" are better. I have a larger arsenal of attacks and things that set up
attacks. A few I do well, a few I do not. I question if my footwork is as good or my focus.

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fencerkath said...

Good luck in the tournament.  Most of all, emjoy it!