Saturday, September 22, 2007

Weird....and I am Sorry.

I fenced in the Raleigh Fencers tournament today. There were 25 fencers. I think that it was a B2 tournament.
 I won three out of four of my pools and I was ranked 10th going into DEs. ( Not bad.) I beat an "A" fencer, though he was not like any "A" fencer I ever fenced before.

I looked at the tree and I was to fence two of my club mates. It always works that way. I was to fence Nicole who was ranked 23 and after that I was to fence Mark who had a bye. He was ranked 7th. This was Mark's first tournament!!! He is an athletic young man, but not that great a fencer.....yet he is ranked 7th.....and he has a bye.

Okay....It does not take me very long to figure out that after I beat Nicole and then beat Mark, I will finally have the "D" rating I have sought for so long. I warned myself about thinking this way. I had seen Tommy to many times, set his sites on the goal and not the game. ( This was when he was younger.) I do not think that was what was going to happen to me.

Nicole is a truly beautiful young woman. She is athletic and intelligent. She has a sharp sense of humor when you get to know her as well. She can actually sit on her fencing mask, like a fae sits on a mushroom. She has that light sort of feminine air. If you know her at all,you cannot help but love her.

Nichol beat me 15-13.

If I could have bet on the bout, I would have bet the farm on me. She has beat me before, but not very often. I am not taking anything away from her victory. I have always maintained that " epee is truth". The ref has little to do with it and when it is all over the box tells the story. I was beat fair and square.

The story does not end here. Next Nicole was to fence Mark. ( First time at a tournament Mark. ) I do not remember what the score was. Nicole lost. If I bet on the bout, I would have bet on Nicole.

I think Mark now has a "D" rating. Mark is a great guy, but he is not a "D" fencer. He won because he is athletic and he is so wild that you have hard time fencing him. ( There were several new people like that there.) I did not want him to win. I think this will screw up his fencing. On the other hand, if you are doing something bad and it is not bad.

Then there was Henri. She did not do well in pools. She was 25th coming out of pools and she fenced one of the higher placing fencers that did not have a bye. When I was called to strip the score was 8-8. I think the score was 15-12. I was so proud of her in that bout. She is always the smallest person on strip and fencing kids decades younger than her self. Yeah...yeah...yeah...I know this vet fencer can do this or that...this short epee fencer did this or that. These are the exceptions people...these are not the rules. I know that she wants to fence epee, because so many of us fence that. I think to some extent, Coach Miller may have suggested that she fence epee as well. Personally, I think she would be better suited for foil. ( Tiny little target area...I hate that......Maybe sabre.)

Oh...I can't find a way to work this in, but that was one of the hottest tournaments I have ever fenced in. There was a time when I think I could have passed out.....GEEZE! It is hours later and my face is still flushed.

So...At days end...I feel sorry for Nicole, because she lost to Mark. I feel sorry for Mark because he won. I feel sorry for Henri because she did not win and I feel sorry for me, because something is wrong with me. ( See previous post "How?".)

I have a theory. Actually, I have a couple. In talking with Tommy, he noticed I did not fence like myself. I think the reason is that I am thinking to much and trying to correct to many things on strip. I am having mental dialogs with myself on strip. I never did this before. " Bring your arm back to only parry1....relax it....pull the pommel into your my elbow out?....I will try" blank" attack next." I never thought like this before. I mostly waited for a counter, when I saw a target of opportunity, I attacked. I had an " empty mind". I need to put this to the test next tournament. I think I will take Tommy's advice and just work on one thing at a time.

I am not sure how Tommy did. He of course was still fencing after I left. I am sure he did well.

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woodycavenaugh said...

Have you read <a href="">Preparing the Mind</a> yet?  If not, it is time.  If so, its time to dust it off again.  You are simply in a stage of learning.  It will pass, however its a cycle, so you'll be there again.