Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hack Cough Snort

I did not fence at all this week. I was out of town on business. I had an added bonus of getting sick as a dog.

It is Saturday night and I am still at Death's door. BTW...I love this T-shirt.

Maybe a week or so off will do me good.

I thought about buying a PBT fencing hypnotism CD to try and snap me out of my funk.
I just can't make myself turn loose of sixty plus dollars for one though.

I read about James ( Charlie's dad) taking second in a sabre event. I was happy to read that. He is nice guy and I always pull for ( most people) people with a bit of gray in their hair.

If I feel any where near human tomorrow, I will try and work out a little bit.

Other than that, that is my week in fencing.


epeeallday said...

jim if u want i got the hypnosis CD, not that im saying i would burn a copy to give u but id have to find it first then download it into a safe place to give to u.

fencerkath said...

get well soon