Sunday, September 2, 2007


Friday, was the big day to find out if things would work out for our contracted coaches and to see if we could get fencing in our area to " level up". ( I thought " level up" was a good term that Woody used.)

I thought it was a good group meeting and I felt pretty good about how things were going when we left.

It was another small end of summer class. We did some foot work/distance drills and we
 fenced in a pool format. I fenced fairly well.

Henri and I had planned to work on some things that we are trying to correct in our technique ( or lack there of ) and had planned to drill with each other , but we did not get around to it. I hate that. I need a mirrored wall to work on my problem.

I was reminded as I fenced of a lesson/statement that Cam made a long time ago about if you are a " When", "Were" or "How" fencer. We are all of those things ,but at times one will be dominate. A " When" fencer chooses when he will strike. The "Were" fencer....where the touch will will land.....and so on.

I noticed that these days I have two different approaches that are dominate. At times I will pick a tactic and then close or offer an invitation. I am a "How" fencer. I am however another type of fencer. At the risk of sounding like I am a pompous Zen kind of guy, I fence with an " empty mind". ( THERE is a statement that gives people the opportunity  to agree!)  I studied martial arts for 16 to 18 years. I did my best when I was without emotion, without conscious thought. Conscious thought takes time, something that is instinctual takes far less. I mix the two up when I fence. ( Oh.....Sometimes I feel that dumb luck is a part of it as well.)

I have thought a lot lately of how things work when you fence without conscious thought.
What tells your body to...."There....GO....NOW!!"??? I have thought about trying to study such things. However, I am not sure I want a scientific explanation for it. I think I like the mystery.

Speaking of martial arts, when I had a PL with Coach Miller this week and we worked on my elbow problem, he mentioned briefly something about my had twisting when I make a touch. I know exactly were that is coming from. You cannot do reverse punches for as long as I did them and not want to twist your hand when you do a similar motion. Even after twenty years, things like that still evidently linger. Weird! Good in some ways...bad in others.

That elbow problem worries me. It could take a long time to fix.

Friday night went well, until we left. Henri hits some sort of metal object in the road and tore up two of her 150,000 mile never-go-flat tires and a strut. Evidently, those expensive little BMW cars do not carry spares and even if they did she would have needed two.
It was bad time for her.

I stayed with her until she got in touch with Ray and he was on the way.

Then I joined Mario and Cam for a beer and a sub. Good company; good conversation.....mostly....a good evening.

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