Wednesday, September 12, 2007


For the last month, I have thought more about the club than about fencing. Now 
that the season is upon us, I need to balance things out a little more.

After a hellish start for the club, things seemed to be falling into place after
"week one". Starting "week two" Coach Miller was unable to make it.
There has been praise for our efforts to bring in higher level coaches and there has been concern from recreational fencers. I think the praise
good comments far overshadow the concern; however, we all want to keep the sense of family
and the social aspects to the club. (As Noah put it...the "soul of the club.")
It will be a hard thing to manage, but I think we can pull it off.

There are also concerns with balancing free fencing with lessons. I think we
have this worked out now.

As for me.............................

I have been working out (strength wise) fairly well for the last month. I am
fencing or involved in fencing 4 nights a week so far, so there is no time to
work in cardio. I have studied and taken lessons to some extent. I have not
bouted nearly enough.

My first tournament is about a week and half away. Judging from the amount of
"C" fencers that are preregistered, I will most likely do poorly. I will try to
look at it as training for other tournaments.

As for others and myself...............

I have been giving some thought lately to what the people that keep the club
going get out of it and what do they want to get out of it. I can't answer that
question, even for myself.

I know I do it for the community and for the kids. I know I do it so I will have
a place to fence. I think I/we do it mainly as a social thing. That is mostly
what we get out of it. We get to "hang" with people we like.

Long term I have no lofty goals for the club. I do have sort of a dream. A small
dream.....a fun dream.

I imagine a new "Y" with the best fencing facility in the state. (That may
happen..... it may not....but.. HEY! is my dream!!) I am retired and I
employed by the "Y" to look after the facility. (Just to keep an eye on kids and
equipment there.)

I am the kind of man that raises his cane and yells at the neighborhood kids to
stay off his grass. I am the kind of man that gets his yard toilet papered on
Halloween night.

My hair is all white and my face is in a perpetual scowl.

I see a kid dragging an epee across the floor.

"Hey!!! You!!! ...Kid!! Quit dragging that tip across the floor!! You gonna fix
that tip?
Heck no...ya little snotling! (Grumble...mutter....grumble) Why when I was your
age and fencing (lies) we didn't have these fancy-smancy tips. The points were
real and blades were sharp. Yeah...that's how I got these scars (Lifts shirt and
show scars from gallbladder surgery) . Yeah...that was REAL fencing back then!
(Grumble... mutter...slowly shuffles to the armory). You kids now a
days......spoiled...that is what you are! Why when I was your age (lies again) I
had to walk twelve miles to a Salle.......had to SWIM five!!. (Wink)

I want to be that grumpy old man.


woodycavenaugh said...

I like your dream.  I'm glad someone's around keeping a dream alive!

epeeallday said...

u never know watll happen. personally i really think that CHFA is easily the best overall club in NC...i would personally like to see my home club grow to be even better. i dont think there will b a problem in keeping that familylike atmosphere, it will not disappear with the coming of coach...actually when everyone starts growing up and becoming such great fencers i think we will b a contender and bar trips will b fun too ;).