Saturday, August 11, 2007


Friday evening, August 10, 2007 Mr. Leon Pointy, known to friends and family as "Mr. Pointy" passed away.

He fell victim to an old "S" curve and his blade was snapped in half. He was proceeded in death by an Allstar weapon. They were both 3 years old.

He is survived by his owner, Jim Kent of High Point, North Carolina.

In an interview, Mr. Kent stated, " This is the way he would have wanted it. To go out in a friendly bout and not to lay in a case, slowly rusting away." At this point, Mr. Kent was overcome with emotion and could no longer continue.

Mr. Pointy was an organ doner. Many of his parts will be passed to other lesser epees. His bell guard will be a memorial.

Flowers are appreciated, but the family would like to ask that contributions be made to the Leon Paul charity, " Replace Mr. Pointy Fund."


fencerkath said...

The best I can offer is a floral tribute nicked from someone else's blog - but the name was irresistible:

Mr Pointy, requiescat in pace.  

kentjamesr said...

As always cool!!