Wednesday, August 29, 2007

No Title

I just returned home from a long weekend of doing repair work/yard work at our beach house. The last couple of days were all about relaxing. I got in some gym time and I worked on my "elbow problem" a little.

I return home to a great many e-mails and forum post concerning meetings and frustration. There are e-mails about miscommunication and people that are hurt and people that are offended.

I seem to be the cause of a part of this.

I re-read and re-read the paragraph in my last post that dealt with the frustration I felt concerning how things were going.

I seem to have offended Jen by writing this. That was not my intent, so I deleted that post. I may put part of it back at a later date, as I record things I want to remember. Like the post, titled "Jen" , which oddly enough is the previous post now.

I started to write more on the subject, but I think we may be having a meeting in the near future. I will wait until after that.

For the life of me, I cannot see how wanting to grow fencing in this area turned into a thing that frustrated and upset so many people. It seemed like such a good thing to do.

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fencerkath said...

It's so easy to make a comment on-line which people misunderstand because they don't see a facial expression or hear a tone of voice.  I hope things work out, especially as Jen seems to have been helpful, judging from your earlier comments.  

I hope you got my comment about gardere grips though I don't know if one would work for you.  (I remain devoted to my French grip i.e. incapable of using any other)