Monday, August 20, 2007


Tonight Henri and I met with Jen Cox. It was Jen's idea to meet with us. She seemed to have had a " Zen sort of thing " that she should coach us a little bit.

We talked. She asked us about our goals. We talked about fencing in National events. She felt us out a little bit in different areas. She offered us advice and perhaps a little guidance.

I am sure Jen would correct some of what I am about to write concerning her coaching style. I would say it is patient and relationship based. I would call it, "Coaching-Lite".

One of the things that I came to understand was that Henri and I are a team. I never really thought of it that way until this evening. Because we have the same ideas about fencing and are close in age ( Oh no...that was a misprint....I am MUCH older.) we coach each other. I knew that...and I did not know that....all at the same time.

I cannot remember Jen's exact words concerning this , but she lightly praised Henri and I for going the extra mile ( literally ) to take seminars and workshops and trying our best to improve our fencing. Jen said
we are ahead of the game of the average NC fencer for taking the initiative beyond what your club offers. I do not know if feel that is true. BUT, what I do feel like after hearing Jen's words were that I reached a goal. It is a goal that I wanted sense I started keeping my journal. I did not ever think I would reach that goal, because it kept changing. I had many requirements that I needed to meet before I reached that objective. Tonight, I find that I reached a goal and I did not even know it.

I am a fencer.  That is all I have wanted to be that for the last 3 and a half years.

I hope Henri feels the same.

So...we got some advice...some encouragement...maybe a little direction.

Jen said that no one ever calls her coach. They just call her Jen.

I will try to remember....just once in a while.....I will call her coach. She certainly was one tonight.

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epeeallday said...

haha yeah jen doesnt like it when people call her coach. sounds like when i went to sectionals this past year and she was coaching me. this is tommy if u havent figured it out ;)