Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hard and Good Weekend. It Starts Again.

I went by Friday to say farewell to Tommy who is headed off to college. I was not going to fence. I had such an awful time at work last week, that I was just not in the mood.

I ended up fencing anyway. I did terrible. It was ho-hum fencing. The exception was when I fenced Tommy. I always like fencing him the best, because he is better than I am. I have to change the way I fence to give him a run for his money. Most of the time when I fence, I try to fence with out emotion. When I fence him, I increase the distance between us by about eight inches and I fence with a focus and aggression that I do not use on anyone else. He asked me why I fenced him like that and did not fence anyone else that way. I explained. He said that I should try other people that way and make it my style.

At dinner, I asked Cam about this. She said that it was a problem she had, because she fenced down to peoples level so often. ( words to that effect.)

My thinking is that I should fence to win at DFC. I have to temper this with age and ability, but I need to see if fencing that way has merit. More importantly, I need to see if the way I had been fencing there is without merit.

This weekend I went to a weekend camp at Touche Fencing. ( Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 to 3:00) I needed something like this to help jump start me into this season. It was a lot of basics and hard work.

He does some foot work a little differently than I am use to. ( Peter is from Hungary) It was fun to  try new things. I enjoyed the target work. I also practiced on a electronic speed target. ( It has lights that move randomly to give you different targets and it records your speed and accuracy. ) I always thought when I read about this item, that it just sounded like a high tech gimic that you could buy. However, after seeing how it can be used, I see it as a great training aid.

Saturday it was god-awful hot there. Coming back home and at home I had the worst cramping I ever had in my life. It was not just in the legs, but left hand and side as well. Not heart attack stuff, but pain caused from a lack of hydration. When I say pain, I mean PAIN. I almost went down in parking lot on the way home I hurt so bad.

I was better prepared on Sunday and had no problems, other that I am sore in a lot of places. (Which is what I wanted.)

I spent some time being coached by a 74 year old Russian fencer. That was an experience I will not soon forget. It would need an entire post to go into  it. I will only say that while "gruff" does not fully sum up his coaching style, it comes pretty close. None the less, I enjoyed it and would not trade the experience for anything.

I have some concerns that I was actually fencing better earlier this year. I wonder if it is because I have not been training as hard. Or is it that age may be catching up with me? Or could it be a lot of things together and I will work through it?

My plan is to try and train hard again and see where that leads. I will know better by Thanksgiving.

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