Thursday, August 9, 2007

Gosh, I Love Woodchuck on Draft.

Last night we had a coaches meeting McCouls.( kind of an Irish pub ) I think it is the perfect place for a fencing meeting. I slurped down a picture  of Woodchuck cider. ( This is a wonderful drink on a hot summer night!)

We are/were trying to bring some higher level coaching to our club; still keep it OUR club ( Meaning we are the leadership) and do the "Y" , the community and our students a service. ( As well as the outside coaches and ourselves.) It seems like a good idea and a good thing to do, but it is ripe with political intrigue. All of it hinging on money and control. ( At least that is what I see...maybe I am wrong.) It is just a little club in a part of the state where there aren't much in the way of fencing clubs. It is just a little band of people that love fencing that are trying not only to keep fencing going, but improve it. It seems like people would want to line up to help and not try to hinder or take advantage of the situation.

We left with three plans:

(A) Modify the schedule and the first plan and try that.
(B) Modify the schedule and the people involved in the first plan and try that.
(C) Modify the schedule and coach it ourselves. Try to improve ourselves over time and hope a nice high level fencer or two moves to the area and wants to help.

It was a good meeting and good company.I feel better knowing we have a plan, no matter how the chips fall.

Henri and have talked about it and we will continue to head down to UNC and study with Coach Miller and fence people that beat the crud out of us....well...mostly. Getting the tar beat out of you isn't fun, but it may help us improve. In truth, I often wonder if we will ever be any better than we are right now. Courtney said that things will be organized into a more class like environment this season. (Sounds good). The main negative is getting back home so late at night. We should be able to suck it up one night a week though.

No matter what happens,I think the club will be okay now. And no matter what happens,I will find a way to work with Coach Miller. Things may not turn out perfect, but everything will be okay.

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fencerkath said...

A year or so ago our committee made some changes including a clearer schedule with more explanation of what coaching and classes etc would happen when.  It looked a bit regimented at first but worked ever so well in practice and the club is thriving as a result - even though it wasn't always possible to follow the schedule.  We also got an excellent club website so that anyone with access to a computer could see what was going on, learn more about what other members were doing, etc.  Of course, different clubs need different things.  Having the discussion and thinking through what works for you is the important thing.  I'm glad it sounds better.  As for progress, I think we all know it can take time - but there are always those wonderful occasions when you fence better than you thought possible.  (I never thought I could fence at any level so it's all a bonus to me, which doesn't stop me feeling fed up with myself when I keep missing hits.)