Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Not Productive

Last Friday Evening:

I fenced at the "Y". We had a team event. I do not remember how it all went down. I know that I got beat once by Trev. It was a five point match. He beat me soundly. I noticed something. Trev is the only person that has beat me lately at club and not shown any satisfaction in it. Now part of that is that Trev can mask his emotions when he wants to do so. Or perhaps he is like me and does not gain satisfaction or joy from beating someone at DFC. It use to be a goal for me. Someone beat me...or there is person at club whom I hardly ever beat and I want to go after.........but this no longer happens. In fact, in some cases I think I may have become the goal. Five point club bouts.....they do not tell much, particularly if you are working on something. I use to think they did, but they do not. I could not seem to focus the way I should last Friday. I am not sure how to get this back.

I am working on making a broken blade into a training tool so that you can only do takes with the strong part of the blade. I have given some thought to only fencing with it next Friday. ( Should I get it fixed in time.) I have given some thought to just being someones target on strip. If I can stay on strip for a certain amount of time, with out the other person scoring five touches...then in my mind...I will win.

Monday Evening:

I met Henri early and we studied for her test at Coaches College. I went with her to foil and we worked on some drills for a while. There was not much going on there and it took a real long time to get things started. I left early and went home to take care of a few things. I did not fence. I just helped with Henri's drills for a while. The studying part was useful to me. There are a number of things I am forgetting and I need to review. Margret was back from fencing camp, but I did not see her fence or anyone work with her. I do not know her well, but she seems to be a smart kid.


I drove to Chapel Hill to fence, though it went like I suspected it would. Josh was there, but injured and Courtney was sick. There was no one there....almost. Everyone was at Nationals or vacation or something. So, rather than keep them there, I headed to Franklin Street and got something to eat and called it a night. I will try again next week. I want to fence in the heat to help adjust to the New Bern tournament. I will try some of my hydrating and stay cool plans as well.

Not a very productive week of fencing so far.

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