Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I fenced last night in Chapel Hill.

Jen had returned from Nationals and she and Luis had escaped the house for a bit. It was good to see both of them. There is a possibility they may have their own space in a few months. I know they would like that. From a personal prospective, I would like to see that happen as well. Maybe luck would favor me and it would be on the Greensboro side of Durham.

Coach Miller return from Nationals. It was good to see him. Hence forth I will just refer to Coach Miller as "Coach". You say say " Coach" in this state ( within the fencing community ) and everyone knows it is him. He volunteered to come teach an epee class at the "Y" for the DFC. He wanted to come tomorrow, but it is sabre night. He may be able to come on Friday of next week. It is a little "iffy" but it could work out. I think that would be not only educational, but fun. We will see if this works out.

I had a private lesson with Coach and we actually talked a bit before it began. We talked about my job. That was nice. My foot landed to early on my lunge sometimes. I need to work on that. That is something that I had known about. I also pulled my arm back a bit when I disengaged from eight and attacked. That worries me. I need to work on this.

I fenced Bill , who is only a couple of years younger than me. Prior to January, I use to give Bill a run for his money and sometimes beat him when we fenced. He leaned a lot in the last six months, much to my chagrin. The last two times we fenced, I hardly got a touch. He mentioned I was telegraphing my attacks. I wonder if it is the arm pulling back thing, or because he is so tall that I have to start my attack from out of distance...or both...or another thing all together. Yes...I do tend to analyzed these sort of things.

Henri is having problems with her lunge. We think these are things she started doing during her bad foot injuries. I am going to watch her and she will watch me. We will try to fix each other as best we can.

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