Sunday, July 8, 2007

Mario Envy

I experimented with some foot work and shoulder placement Friday night. I tried it on Woody and Cam. The results were good. I need to test this out a bit more, before adding it to my bag of tricks. It could have been a fluke.

I have a " fluke move". I have used it twice , but it was more a " scramble to recover move " than one that can be planed out. I once tried to do an attack on the blade that would take it to the floor. Sadly, the person saw me pull back to get the power ( meaning I gave the attack away...I might as well have told them what I was going to do.) and moved his/her blade out of the way. ( absence of blade ) Because I used a French grip, I let the momentum carry my blade all the way around in a complete circle and caught my opponent on the arm as they sought to take advantage of my goofy missed attack. It must look flashy, from the noise the crowds made when I did this. I took the same attitude that my cat " Buster " does when is fat fluffy butt falls off a table......................." I meant to do that."

I really did not start this post to write about those things. I wanted to write about Mario. He is leaving to go to Coaches College to take Epee 1. I so wish I was going with him. I think it is because Coaches College was such a great experience. I do not think it would make me a better epeeist. ( Though it could not hurt.) I would not want to do it, so that I could be a coach. ( Though I might want to coach epee someday...and to have that under my belt would be great!)
I have the money to do this, but I do not have the time. It is hard to say just why I would love to be going with Mario. I have thought about it and I can not lay my finger on the reason. It is more than having another certificate to frame and hang on the wall. ( Though I went to Coaches College a year ago, I just framed and hung my certificate  a few moments ago.) I think the only people that would understand the experience are the people that have been. It is like traveling to other countries. You can not share your experience ( truly) with some one that has not been there.

My family ( except one daughter) is leaving for Columbia ( the country) tomorrow. I hate that I am not going with them. I fear for them. I am well traveled in Latin America ( as well as Asia) and have seen some bad things there. I know some of what to watch for and I am ever vigilant. My family would not notice a twenty dollar bill laying on the den floor. They are not aware of their environment. I will try to take my mind off their travel with fencing. I hope to fence Monday, in some respect and Tuesday or Thursday at Chapel Hill. I fence outside on the sweltering North Carolina coast next weekend. I will focus on these things and try not to worry.

In closing.....Good luck and safe journeys to my friend Mario. I envy you.

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azzazelle said...

I wish you were going with me too! It was a lot of fun last year. But thank you for the well wishes. :) They are much appreciated.