Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bird...Plane....No..It is the Graaaaay Eppppaaaaay

Tonight I pack to go fence outside on the North Carolina coast. It is going to be warm.

I will do all the things I usually do. Check my tip screws and body cords. I fold them neater before a tournament. I take some steel wool and clean the blades and bell guards a bit.

This week I have been preparing from a heat and hydration stand point. Some of it is from things I have read and some of it I am experimenting on myself. If you are older; over weight ; take blood pressure meds and are going to drink coffee before you fence then you are at greater risk for problems. Lets see....check...check...check.....and check.

I am drinking Gator-aid and Gator-aid-like drinks now. (Prior to competition.) This is something I learned from Coach Miller. I am also drinking pomegranate and blueberry juice. I started drinking that stuff over a year ago after reading an article in Men's Health on the benefits of pomegranate juice. I have forgotten what those benefits  were supposed to be. I did not notice anything. However, it has a lot of potassium in it and it taste what the heck!

I am going to stop taking my meds for two days prior to the tournament. My blood pressure is not that bad. It is pre-hypertension, so I think it will be okay. I will take a low does aspirin in stead.

Okay....none of that is why I entered this post. I had planned to bring extra T-shirts to change into between pools and DE's. Now there are a lot of people my age that are slow to change their ways and habits. I think this is mostly true in food and technology. I , however , have made the biggest jump sense my MP-3 player. I bought those tight-ass T-shirts that wick away moisture.
Okay...the two I got are not all that tight. I just did not feel right in the one I tried on. Now I know what you are thinking....55 year old tight wonder you did not buy it.
That is NOT why I did not buy the skin tight one...oh no. You may not believe this, but it is true ( at least from my own perception)......I looked like a frickin' super hero!!!!!!!!!! No...I swear. Okay...middle aged super hero...but super hero non-the-less. I have big shoulders and a pretty big chest. When I put that thing on and held every thing up and in!!!! I could not believe it!!!!! It lifted and shaped my pecs...held things in that like to be out...I could not believe it!!! I think part of it was the light. I use to belong to a gym where the florescent light made my body look better than any other place. Something about the shadows..I don't know. I give you my word....that is the way it appeared to me.

However, I could see myself out in public with my fencing jacket off. I would be tired and forget to hold things up and in. I would just be a silly gray haired guy. Ijust could not do it.

The other shirts I got are still the kind that wick away moisture and one is sleeveless. I think that is daring enough. I am glad I tried that other shirt on though and I secretly wish ( though not so secretly now ) that they had one made like a super hero. I would have bought it and tried it on at home, to see if the magic worked....or better yet...tell my kids that I am going to wear it when we go out in public. All these years and I can still think of new ways to torment my children. I should write a book. They should be shared with other fathers.

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fencerkath said...

Good luck with the fencing!

As for what to wear under fencing gear, I took the risk of a vest-top last club-night - the sort I'd usually wear at the beach.  It probably looked dreadful but was much cooler than the T-shirt I usually wear, and made a difference.  I'd go for what feels best as a priority ... though super-hero status may be a bonus.