Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer Fencing

Wednesday night was the last night for getting lessons from Coach Miller for the summer break. In the fall we will start again.

I made some goofy mistakes in lessons. I do not know about anyone else , but I seem to have times where I do great at lessons and then other nights were I feel sort of remedial.

I think that after Summer Nationals I will go down to Chapel Hill and fence once a week. I am still working on some project to help me improve over the summer, but I am not coming up with anything good.

Coach Miller said that they may have to cancel their summer camp if more people did not sign up. That really bothered me. It is such a wonderful opportunity and for people not to take advantage of it is akin to sinning. If I had enough vacation time I would have liked to have attended. He mentioned once that they may try some weekend camps. I would love to see that, but he has not mentioned it again and I do see it listed on their web site.

Perhaps later in the summer I will talk to Matt and take another shot at the epee ref exam. That would make me feel like I accomplished something special this summer. ( Or of course...depress me to no or  the other.)

I fenced some Wednesday night. In my last bout with Tommy, I felt like I moved well. I don't know. I have never seen video of myself fencing, but I felt like I was moving well. I was worried that my foot might never let me do that again. It is not perfect, but it is much better. Again, I was able to leave fencing and not limp. So...Yay!

July 14th I am fencing in a tournament at the coast.....outside. ( Outside in 90 degree+ weather. 38c or so) This out to be interesting. Hydration and methods of conserving energy and cooling off between bouts may be as important as a good lunge. This should be interesting.

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fencerkath said...

I can't imagine fencing in that heat - mind you, it gets pretty hot inside our leisure centre.  I assume full kit is still compulsory.  I shall hope for coastal breezes.  Apart from that, stamina is going to count even more than usual - and judging the correct amount of water (over-hydration can be a problem as well as dehydration). I look forward to reading reports.