Monday, June 18, 2007


I fenced epee tonight with Tommy. The scoring box was messed up so I do not know how I did score-wise. However my foot was much better and I was moving. Not pretty....but I was moving. I worked on my angulated attacks to the cuff, but with out much success. I did play with using the width of the strip. I had some good results there. After a couple of long bouts I walked to the car without pain or limping. I am using my super-dooper stretching boot as I write. There was some pain as I walked around the house, but nothing like it has been. I count this as a very positive sign.

I missed fencing on Friday, as I had to go to the coast and work on the house a bit.

Last Wednesday, we had our lesson with Coach Miller. It was ,for the most part, a verbal lesson. I enjoy those as well. We have one more class with him before the summer break. After that, if all works out, we can start on tactical training, which is what we all want. I understand why we worked on the technical and verbal aspects first. I am glad we did, but I am truly looking forward to taking a step up in tactics.

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