Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My Foot and A Kindred Spirit

Well....I went to the doctor about my stupid foot. It had been getting a bit better now that I am not fencing in a tournament every weekend. My thought was to make an appointment and then if it was better by then....cancel the appointment.

Editors note: I use to run trails. I loved it. I had this same problem with my heal, but on the other foot. The doctor gave me a shot in the heel and moved the needle up and down to try and break off the bone spur. It was in the top five most painful moments of my life. I will not go into detail, but suffice it to say that I have had a LOT of painful moments.

The Doc told me that this could last 9 months to a year. It is from use, so the more I fence and the more active I am, then the longer it takes. He gave me a cool boot that stretches my toes back toward my leg and some anti-inflammatory drugs. He told me that a shot may or may not help. I asked him if he could knock me out or restrain me to give me the shot? I thought it would be best and safer for all concerned. That was not an option.

Cutting to the chase, I have a plan to work on my foot, but it will take some time and there is no quick fix. ( I really hate it when there is NO quick fix.)

I was instructed to call our resident health care professional after my doctor visit and report. Wisely, I did that.

She filled me in on foil class and things. One of the most interesting things she shared was a conversation with Woody about what her goals would be after Coaches College. Her views mirrored my own. Our thoughts were as one. Neither of us have a lifetime to become better fencers. We want to compete. At our ages, injury or illness could take us out of the game any day. That is just a fact. I know that either of us would do anything to help our club, but right now...it is about competing for as long and as well as we can. It is a true comfort to me. There are a some vet fencers out there, but not all that many start so late in life. It makes you feel alone. I have met some that are like me and I have watched some like me hang up their blades already. Right in my own back yard, there is a person I can relate with. I am blessed and I am grateful.

Tomorrow night I fence again. Hot damn!!!

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