Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Back to Chapel Hill

I fenced in Chapel Hill last night at UNC. I am going to try and go there once a week during the summer. I am going to make this part of my summer improvement plan.

I will go there and fence better fencers than me. ( Which is pretty much all of them.) This is not good for the ego, but I have to do it.

It is a different crowd than I am use to at UNC. All clubs have personalities ( or lack there of ) just like people. DFC is friendly. MSF is friendly, but more focused and "business friendly". NCFDP is all some respects. ( Not business in the sense of money making.) The people are not very out going. It evidently takes a while for them to except you. Even Henri had trouble with this. Henri is short;cute and non-threatening. ( Okay...She is very threatening after you know her....but as a first impression, she is not.) Yet it took her a long time and she is extroverted.

I do not really know how I come across these days when people first see me. I remember at DFC it took a while for the kids to accept me. The truth is , that I am not concerned about being accepted at NCFDP. I am there for business and the business is fencing. As long as I am fencing and sweating, I am okay. ( Though a few more touches than I made last night would be nice.)

Matt Cox was there. I did a yoga warm up with his kids. I liked it. Let me qualify that. I have taken a yoga class with my daughter before. I did not get that much out of it, except that I spent time with her. Tai Chi is more my style. None-the-less, I like stretching warm ups. I have never really liked sitting on your feet. Even when I was younger and doing martial arts, it hurt a bit. ( There are things you loose as you age. Flexibility and balance are a couple of them. Not that I am is just a fact. ) I do think that the stretching helped my foot, which never bothered me much during or after fencing. It is not well, but it is MUCH improved.

Now..for something totally unrelated. I have noticed lately, that I use club bouts more and more to experiment and work on things that Coach Miller has shown us. I have noticed, however, that most people do not do that. They are fencing to win. Example: I know a person who is having trouble with angulated attacks. ( Not really...this is a factious example.) Does he ever practice them on strip? Nope! He knows he does not do them well and cannot do this because he might give up points...or dare I say it...loose a club match. Yep.....ego wins over smart. Sad really.

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fencerkath said...

Your warm-ups sound very civilised.  Every so often we play games including "sticky dobby" (a version of tag) or find we're inveigled into skipping.  Sometimes there are stretches and then there's footwork practice - sometimes with all manner of tricks to improve focus, like versions of "Simon says".