Saturday, June 2, 2007

2 Masters

I spent Friday night and Saturday afternoon at a workshop with Maestro Beguinet. As usual it was a good event and I am glad I took part in it. This is the fourth one of these I have been involved in. I also studied with him in Foil 1 at Coaches College.

Henri got accepted at Coaches College for Foil 1. I am very eager to hear her tales after going there. She and Coaches College will never be the same. Saying something like that  is common……but in this case I mean it totally!

Mario is going as well for Epee 1.

I now have studied under two masters. I marvel at the differences in their teaching style and what they teach. There is no way that you could study under both of them at the same time. Your head would explode. 

I wonder to what extent their body types and personalities dictate what they teach. Coach Miller is a powerfully built person and in epee, often encourages you to hold your ground or advance into attacks. (That is a generalization on my part. It is difficult to describe verbally how Coach Miller would have you fence epee.) Alex is small and fast, he would have you stay in constant motion going in and out and firing attacks all over the body like a machine gun. (This two is a generalization. I can’t put it into words, but the differences are just so terribly noticeable if you ever get a chance to study with them both.)

I thought I would be a lot better in this workshop. I had hopes that Alex would note some improvement. I have been studying with Coach Miller for about eight months or so. However, the drills I do with Coach Miller do not seem to translate well into what Maestro Beguinet has you do. That…or I was just having a bad day. I always feel crappy when I do not do a drill well, though often it is your partner as much as it is you. I was comfortable drilling with Cam, but I only did that once.

I do not feel like I have been fencing well of late. I do not know why, but I am not going to dwell on it for now.

I am going to be in Las Vegas for the next week on business. (Yep…that sounds cool, until you find that I will in actuality be working in a factory in the DESERT. Yes..It will be hotter than hell.) I have never been to Vegas and I hope to get to the strip at least one night. I am going to miss fencing. I just checked on-line and there are at least five fencing clubs in Vegas. I do not know if I will do this or not. It would mean carrying hard case on the plane and I already have much to carry. I also canceled my rental car there, as I thought I would not need one

I need to get a check to MSF for fencing this month. I will only get two lessons with Coach Miller , but they are worth it. Henri is going there for sabre on Monday. Perhaps I can give her the check to take for me tomorrow. Henri if you read this….send me a PM if you can do this.

I wanted to start sabre as well, but I am not sure that this will be the best time. In actuality I would most likely be a practice dummy for Henri.

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