Thursday, May 24, 2007


The "season" is all but over. The "season" is defined by a couple of terms. The "season" sort of ends when the kids get out of school and people are traveling during the summer. There are generally smaller classes at our club to say the least. What seems to truly define the end of "season "is The U.S. National Championships. This year they are in Miami. I will not be in attendance, as I do not have enough vacation. Plus, I feel I can get beaten cheaper and closer to home.

There is one more epee class left at Mid-South. Matt and Jen have moved to Durham already.

Coach Miller gave us an assignment or two for next Wednesday. Bring our e-mail address. That is easy enough. We are also to figure out what we want to do. Coach will still be coming up to Greensboro on Wednesdays in June. We could do this at the "Y" but it would mean a schedule change or using the dance area upstairs. The latter seems the easier choice, if that is available. We need to figure out how to pay Coach Miller. Is it the same money to Mid-South or is this a separate deal? If it looks like we can work all this out, can we buy Coach Miller a membership at the "Y"?  I will pay for it, just to have him for a month. He should not be spending any money to do so. Plus, that would eat up time that could be spent coaching.

What is really on my mind though is that Ron ( Did I mention that it never sounds right not calling him Coach?) told us to each come prepared to ask one question of him. This is in essence not unlike a person getting to go to Nepal; make a pilgrimage up the mountain and ask the Guru a question. You only get one!

Now.....what to ask?

My first thought was to ask about the fencing a person who keeps his weapon arm in motion, in an effort to deny you that target. ( If a person likes to defend. If a person likes to attack first. If a person likes to attack the arm...keep it moving and back. ) Most of our drills that evolve the cuff and intermediate targets have your partner just holding his arm there , where you want it. Sadly, this is not often what it is like on strip.

Or I could ask about fencer with stiff unrelaxed weapon arms and how this makes 'beats" and certain "takes" more difficult. What to do Coach?

These aren't bad questions. BUT...are they worthy for taking up to the top of a mountain in Nepal? I don't think so.

I am going to pull out my straw mat ( I really do not have one) and mediate on this. This means that I will give this so much thought that I will ask a question that is sure to sound "off the wall" and utterly weird. On the other hand, I might ponder on this for a week and we may not get to ask a question. I must take the shot though!

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fencerkath said...

How about this:

"Great Guru, you know all about fencing and are the source of all wisdom.  Therefore there is only one question that I, your humble disciple in the art of swordplay, can ask you.  It is this.: Having seen me fence and knowing my skills and shortcomings, tell me the question I should have prepared to ask you ... for knowing the right question is the first step on the path to wisdom."