Thursday, May 10, 2007

What is Best?

I had a good epee lesson on Wednesday. There was a lot of really good stuff. "Lift seven' is something I use to do a great deal, only I would go deep. The wrist hit is so much better. I cannot wait to fence again so I can work on anglated wrist attacks. I carried an epee in the front seat on my drive to work today so I could practice the finger movement. I like to fence with a slight downward bend at the end of my epee. I think I should change my hand position a bit to take advantage of that when I go around the bell guard. The last part of the lesson had some of the flashy stuff with parries in prime. I had to watch that one, as I rotated out. I think I can do it though. We covered the risk of doubling in deep target and how to increase the odds of making it one light.

Coach Miller was complimentary concerning my progress. He invited us all down to fence at UNC next week. That sort of thing keeps me going and keeps me motivated. Plus, it just makes me feel good. I hope it is true. Ron's (It never sounds right when I call him that.) back was really hurting, but he came to help us anyway. I was grateful.

I only fenced once against Jordan. I take a different attitude when I fence there, than at the "Y." I do not hold back as much. I don't have to there. It is all about me. I practiced my invitation that we worked on a couple of weeks back, but she only took the bait twice.

Of course,I paid for my fencing. I could barely walk at the end of the night. I stopped at a convince store and bought a big bag of ice for the ride home. I iced my foot the whole way. Henri gave me a doctors name and I think I am going to bite the bullet and make an appointment. It would be nice if I could help it out before next weekends tournament. (Actually tournaments)

Matt worked on my lunge on the way out. I could barely stand, so it was not my best effort. I will work on it. Short space-knees less bent, weight slightly forward; land on the heel.
I will work on this, but I wonder about some things. If I do things like this in front of people at the "Y" will it confuse them? Should people start this way, or follow a more traditional method for a while and then graduate to this? I have no idea. It would seem to make sense, just to start them out that way. However, when I think about this, I think about footwork. I question now, weather I should continually practice the traditional footwork...OR....practice footwork that is more useful in bouts? The traditional foot work is the foundation and I might confuse kids if they see me doing this at the "Y." If I heal up, I will do this at the gym and home. Not hours of it, just some here and there.

Henri has my sabre and seems to be having fun whacking the boys. It suits her somehow. If people only knew how much she likes to fight. Okay...make that beat on me. I am a battered epeeist. *sob* She always tells me that no one will believe that she picks on me, because she is so little. WAKE UP WORLD!

Nicole (now 15) is really fun these days. A couple of years ago she would not utter a word around people. Now she is really a lot of fun to hang out with. She has a unique sense of humor. I like it.

I will go to class at the "Y" tomorrow. I tell myself that I will not fence and let my foot heal. I hope that is the case. I know that when I see people fencing, I just cannot stop from getting into the game.



fencerkath said...

sounds like some good fencing but I hope the foot is getting better

woodytheaxe said...

Henri has always been a Saber fencer.  It is who she is and bone deep.  You can no more keep her from her destiny than make a leopard change his spots.