Sunday, May 27, 2007

Summer Time

It is summer.....or close enough that it makes no never mind. For the last two summers I have done something to make me a better fencer. Summer before last it was a week long camp and last summer it was Coaches College.

This summer I have a new job, which means no extra vacation time. In fact, I do not have a week until around September.

What to do...What to do?

I could make this the summer I work out really hard and try to loose some weight to make me a better fencer. Of course, I talk about doing that all the time, but I do not see this happening.

My wife and two of my children are heading to Columbia for a week in July. ( The country...not the city.) During that week there is a weekend camp for coaches that teaches you about medieval weapons. It is in the DC area, which is around six hours away. I must say, that the thought of this interest me. It also would count as hours of credit if ever wanted to be certified in the USFCA. I find that a bit strange. The down side is that it would do nothing to make me a better fencer.  I also question people who teach such things, as there was no master to teach THEM these techniques. From what I have read, some people have some knowledge on this subject and some are frauds.

I could use that weekend to go my beach house by myself. I have never done that. Sounds very meditative, but I don't think I can make it fencing related.

Next weekend is a seminar with Maestro Beguinet. Those are always good, Maybe I can find a way to cram in a few weekends of special fencing training during the summer and that will keep me on the road to improvement.


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fencerkath said...

There's a clip for your enjoyment/amusement at in the post headed "Bank Holiday treats" - I couldn't get it to load at quaker fencer.  Not mediaeval fencing I'm afraid.  And I'm not sure all the moves would be allowed now, especially without masks!

It's a shame you can't get away this summer - but I hope you manage to find something you enjoy over the weekends.  Even relaxation can help fencing, I think.