Sunday, May 6, 2007


Well...I feel like I should post. I don't seem to have anything long to record, so I will just do a few random thoughts.

Tommy called last night. He is having fun at Sectionals. He did well against an "a" fencer who flicked him hard to the ankle. When I see him Wednesday we are going to have a talk about hitting hard. You should see my arm and we did not even fence. This was from drills!
We all would like to impress Coach Miller (As much as we could within the limitations of our abilities), however Tommy has other motivations and just tries to hard sometimes. Often at the expense of his friends. I know Tommy. He is my brother in arms. I do not think he would hurt his teammates on purpose.

I don't think my talk with Tommy will be as effective as my talk with Kevin. I went to help out with the kids class at CALL sense Woody was out of pocket. Nicole and Henri were there as well, so we had the kids covered like a blanket. I had heard about Kevin from Cam. ( Cam does a good impression of a mischievous little boy by the way.) When the little kids gathered, I asked them," Which one of you is Kevin". I used my unhappy Daddy voice.

Nicole told me later that she thought I scared him. I told her, that was just what I had in mind. Kevin was a model student.

I hung around and watched the grown ups. That was kind of boring. Cam could do it all by herself. We found some little stuff to do like setting up the strip and helping them hook up, but that was about the extent of it.

I enjoyed watching the little kids bout for the first time. There was much clapping and such from student, parent and coach. That was fun.

I am in charge of a picnic for a couple of Greensboro fencing clubs. I am trying to handle everything myself and not delegate anything (Except for everyone needs to bring some food.  A covered dish sort of thing.) It has been a pain. I wanted to do this because Jen asked me to do so. Everyone else is stressed out in some manner and I just want to handle it by myself because everyone took up my slack when I was so stressed. The bad news is that I am going to be out of town three days prior to the picnic date. I need to get things lined up tomorrow as far as renting a shelter and figuring out a time. Notify both clubs and plan how I will buy the main foods and have them ready on Sunday.

I am working out more at the gym the last couple of weeks. My weight is up again, however. I will work on that this week. has gotten kind of boring of late. I read the forums everyday. I do this because in my previous profession (when I was young and green) I learned so much just listening to the old guys come in off the road and talk. There was a table were they would smoke and have a Coke and yack about this and that. It was an education. I use to learn something everyday on It happens less and less these days. I kind of hate that.


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