Saturday, May 19, 2007

Guess Which of Snow White's Dwarves I am

Well...I will give you a hint. It is Grumpy!

I just got back from fencing in a Raleigh Fencers tournament. There was road construction of the worse kind and I hardly traveled at all in an hour and a half. I thought I was going to miss the close of registration. I started off in a foul mood.

There were 15 people registered for the epee event. I won two and lost two in pools and ended up 7th in rank for DEs. Squarely and mediocrly in the middle. OR....point 5 to the top half if I was to try and put it in the most favorable light. The only good thing I can say about pools is I fenced this guy named Jamie from Wilmington. We had a good bout and we have fenced each other before. Of course it would be a better bout if he did not have the habit of beating me by one point. Still, he is a nice guy and we always have a close and good bout when we fence.

On to my first DE. I fenced the guy that was ranked 9th. I beat him like a rented mule. <~~~ One of my grandfather's sayings. At one point I was ahead around eight to two. At this point, I did not fence as hard. I did not let him have points, but I did not fence as hard. One..... there was no reason to and ...two...there is no sense in humiliating someone in a DE that as far as I know does not deserve it. I suspect this is wrong thinking on my part, and may even be collusion <~~~~ A bad thing in the rule book.

I sat there and watched Jamie fence a kid I beat 4:1 in pools. I was kind of pulling for the kid, in case I had to fence him in a later DE. The score was 15 Jaime and 13 for the kid. ( His Mom had been nice to that was another reason I was pulling for him.) Wess made a call on the 15th touch that I have studied, but never seen called before. I did not see what happened, but I guess Wess thought the touch was the kid gets the choice of deciding if the double touch is annulled (which is how Jaime got to 15...and means the kid is still in the game)...OR...he can have it not be annulled and loose. Thekid picks to have the double touch not count and goes on to win. I saw a couple of unhappy Wilmington faces.

At this moment I hear from across the room..."Jim Kent second call." Another Raleigh ref has just called me for the second time to strip in a soft female voice. ( I am sitting next to a big fan that is blowing) I am fencing a Raleigh Fencer and I have a Raleigh Fencer  ref. One more call and I am black carded and out. The place we are fencing is a medium sized warehouse. It is NOT Madison Square Garden. Now as a ref she is entitled to do this. However, as a host and as being a decent sport, with your fencer on strip, I believe a greater effort could have been made to get someone's attention who is 30 feet away. I went to the strip and my knickers were starting to drop, so I got called on this. ( She was correct to do so.) Then there was some other knit picky thing. I was fencing a Raleigh Fencer who was the number one seed. I have to tell you...I felt harassed.  All the things she called me on were correct....but there was bad attitude about she was trying to rattle me before the event. To be honest, it may not have been that way at all. But it seemed like that to me. I lost....and I had a muttering and grumpy ride home.

I have to say, I think that on a good day, I could have beat anyone there. Sadly, this was not a good day. Also....maybe I am just kidding myself. I try my best to be in the "real world" when I evaluate myself......but I am never 100% sure that I am being impartial.

Henri was the only DFC/MSF fencer there besides me. I did not get to see her fence a lot, as she did foil before I got there and we fenced epee at the same time. She was not happy though.

Henri followed me home in her car back to Greensboro. We stopped and got ice cream, because I wanted some comfort food. As I slurped down a hot fudge sundae we talked about the picnic tomorrow. This is a fairly typical Jim and Henri conversation.

Henri: "I am worried. The things I am thinking about making have mayonnaise in them and they could go bad in the heat."

Jim: ~ raises one eye brow and uses the Daddy voice~ " You know........You COULD make something that does NOT have mayonnaise in it......Ya know?"  ( " Ya know" in this instance has a sound to it, that makes it sound similar to the word..."dingbat")

Editors Note: I know what you are thinking. This sounds sort of abusive on my part to Henri. I would have to say you are right. HOWEVER...We have been pals for a long time now and I can only assume that on some level...she must like it!

It is at this point I see an all to common sight. Henri's eyes narrow and her lips get tight. Her hand inches forward. I have seen this before. She is seeking a soft patch of skin on my body that she can pinch and twist with her long finger nails. Something ,I might add, that  takes a lot longer than an epee bruise to heal up.

That is a typical Henri and Jim conversation.

I get home and I am ready to start making steak kabobs for the fencing picnic tomorrow. Anne went shopping for me and misunderstood what I wanted. She got enough stuff to make 120 steak kabobs. I hope they are good, because we will be eating them at my house for some time to come.

What a day!

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woodytheaxe said...

Your kababs were good, I just wish I could have eaten more than one.  I came in their starving, but quickly found myself struggling to finish my plate.

Good times!